According to experts, during evolution the mankind always aspired to an economical expenditure of energy received with food. People lived in primitive society hunting. Once it happened successful, there was a lot of food, and then within a week or two there was no food at all.. Therefore primitive people, many having fed up, tried to save up, keep the received fat for the case of hunger.

As a result for many centuries of human existence the economical type of a metabolism was developed – we very easily “gain” weight and very slowly lose it. Today’s epidemic of adiposity directly is connected with the abundance of foodstuff on the shop counters and on our tables. During the history mankind struggled with hunger, but didn’t learn how to resist the surplus of food. In a modern society it is getting more difficult not to overeat. Think – meetings with friends, holidays, and visits of theatres or cinemas, departures on the nature – everything means meal! Meal not for saturation, but simply – for the company, to occupy oneself with something.

The mite in mass development of adiposity is put also by technical progress. The civilization progress have led to that the person began to move very little. It is possible to tell that the modern person stays in a constant condition of hypodynamia: his work is mechanized, he gets home on transport, instead of on foot, and he uses a remote control instead of going to the TV to press the button to switch from the channel to the channel.

It is necessary for a person to receive 1600-2200 kcal with food every day. Norm excess on 100 kcal. a day (for example, superfluous 100 г a potato, 1 sausage or an aerated water jar) can lead to the increase in body weight on the average on 3-5 kilos a year.

The basic question in this situation is how to avoid an overeating how to learn, how much we should eat? Let’s understand the process. When internal stocks of energy start to come to an end, the person hungers. It serves as a signal to food intake. As soon as the necessary quantity of food has reached the organism, there comes saturation, and food intake stops. Thus the feeling of saturation is the major regulator – the switch preventing an overeating. It holds our internal scales of consumption and power consumption in balance. But what occurs, if the regulator breaks and saturation comes slightly after the necessary moment? You have already received necessary quantity of energy, but continue to eat. There is a surplus of energy which, turning to fat, increases weight of a body. In a year the usual adult person consumes and spends about 955 thousand kcals.

Now it is possible to think: «If the feeling of saturation is late, we will not wait for it we stop to eat before its occurrence». It is easy to tell! Logic approaches do not work, when feelings work. If we rise hungry of a table, our instinct of a food will continue to call for reception of these “additional percent» of food until it does not receive. Zigmund Freud considered this instinct as the strongest of the instincts of the person. To see food, being insufficiently full is a difficult torture. And almost all “break”, realizing abnormality of it, and promising itself that it is the last time. Then again last time… And here the following kg was already added. So the wrong food habits generating excess weight appear and take roots in our consciousness. To resist an overeating, to change wrong food habits on health –the key to success is in it.

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