You can use affirmations for losing weight, but only if you use them in a specific way. Very often people use affirmations which are unfocused, vague or which does nothing for achieving their goal. It is no wonder that these affirmations are not effective. In this article you will see two great ideas for making strong and effective affirmations for successful weight loss.

Affirmation Tip #1 – What Do You REALLY Want?
When you use affirmations for weight loss you not only want to lose those unwanted pounds, your real goal is to feel yourself attractive, sexy and slender. And the loss of excess pounds is only the means of attaining this feeling. You are not only aiming for a physical sensation, there are also some emotional ties as well. In a state of obesity, you can often feel sluggish, uncomfortable and ashamed about your body. Weight loss will definitely help you to feel happy, carefree and light.

These qualities are what you are really long for, not just “weight loss”. So, your weight loss affirmations should reveal your true wishes, that what you really try to achieve. Such kind of affirmation as “I weigh 120 pounds” will not evoke positive emotion within you. Better try this one instead: “I feel so good about my sexy, strong and slim body!” This is your real goal about your body, not just definite numbers on the scale that you would like to achieve.

It is so vital that your affirmations evoke strong positive emotion when you read them. It will do nothing to kick start of the law of attraction and draw the physical changes. On the other side, when your affirmations flash that internal fire of excitement, desire, eagerness and joy, you start attracting powerful energy from cosmos and guide it to the creation of your emotional wish.

Affirmation Tip #2 – Full Steam Ahead

If you should read an affirmation once or twice a day, it would not be effective of course. Bear in mind the real purpose of affirmations: they should help you start thinking and feeling in a different way. They are assumed to change old, negative beliefs into beneficial and empowering beliefs.

One last tip: read your affirmations with great power and confidence in your voice instead of monotonously reading. In other words, there is a great difference in the energetic frequency between this affirmation: “I like my slim and sexy body”, and this one: “I LIKE MY SLIM AND SEXSY BODY” (enthusiasm, passion and excitement).

It may seem like you have to put a lot of effort to stay concentrated on it at first, but as time goes on it will be getting easier and easier, and it will evoke a lot more positive emotion – that is your main clue that the affirmation is dipping into your subconscious mind and you are starting to really believe it.

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