Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone manufactured by the placenta in pregnant women. I would strongly recommend that no man or boy seeking to lose weight even consider trying the HCG diet regimen for this purpose. How such a purely female hormone may impact on a male’s physiology has not been studied sufficiently to determine potential detrimental effects. There are SO many other possibilities that risking unknown complications would be extremely foolhardy.

For women, the concept is more controversial. There ARE results indicating that daily injections of HCG can reduce appetite in some women; in combination with an appropriate weight loss program this can result in improvements in body contour (shape) and weight loss without known clinical complications, at least in the short term. However, these results seem to be supplied primarily by clinics offering this dietary methodology as a, not inexpensive, way to loose weight. Their conflict of interest therefore makes such results at least questionable.

The HCG Diet made simple regimen became popular in the 1960s but fell into disrepute in the mid-1970s. There is considerable legitimacy to the claims by more professional, and expensive, weight loss clinics that this was predominantly due to “cowboy” outfits endeavoring to profit from the “craze” while providing a poorly structured and monitored regimen at “discount” prices. While there is a resurgence occurring currently, this is still a significant problem. Women considering this dietary option for weight loss should consider very carefully. The basic economic tenet that “you get what you pay for” is particularly applicable for the HCG Diet made simple.

Independent studies by researchers without an apparent vested interest in the results have demonstrated that HCG has no discernible impact on weight loss in and of itself. The problem with these studies is that they do not seem to be appropriately structured. Most have been double-blind studies, considered a necessity for valid results in these circumstances. Double-blind studies means that some people acting as test subjects receive injections of HCG while others receive a placebo, a null effect injection. Neither those receiving the injections nor those giving them know who is receiving which.

However, the research I have read seems to be trying to determine if the injections, by themselves, will encourage weight loss in the recipients. While this may be claimed by the various profiteering “cowboys”, it is not the claim of the more professional weight loss clinics providing this regimen. They do NOT claim HCG to be a wonder drug that will induce weight loss in their clients by itself.

They offer it in combination with a restrictive dietary intake and encourage an appropriate exercise program alongside. Whether the results achieved actually depend on the daily HCG injections or would occur anyway with their clients following their dietary and exercise program is unclear.

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