inividual is one whose weight is 20% more than the ordinary standard weight as decided by the standard weight-height graphs. The individual is considered obese even on the background of BMI if it is more than 30%. The basic tactics of weight management should be alters in lifestyle like eating low calorie, low fat diet with moderate exercise along with diet pills like the Appetite suppressant and the Fat-Blockers.

But how do they influence the body weight?

Appetite Suppressant Pills are those medications that provide loss of weight by decreasing the appetite, which is attained by the subjective sensation of fullness after eating even a little amount of food. These medications increase the levels of serotonin and catecholamine in the brain, thereby affecting the appetite and the mood.

On the other hand, Fat Blocker Pills are those pills that promote loss of weight by preventing the fats present in your diet from getting absorbed. The amount of fat that gets absorbed depends upon the medication you take and the strength of the medicine. One thing you should be clear about is, that they just block the fat from the diet from entering the body, but does nothing to get rid of the fat already present in the body.

But both of the diet supplements are fraught with negative effects. While the Appetite Suppressant medications are the reasons of side effects like sleeplessness, blurred vision, dry mouth, dizziness, constipation or stomach upset, the Fat Blockers cause bloating, flatulence and “anal leakage”. Another disadvantage of taking these pills is, they only block the fat from entering the body, but do not have any control on the carbohydrates. So if you are eating lots of carbohydrates, you still stand chance of gaining weight. The biggest side effect of these medications is that these medications block the absorption of crucial fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K and also beta-carotene. Deficiencies of these vitamins cause major havoc in the body. Hoodia appetite suppressant diet pills are very efficient.

Now that you comprehend the difference between both the diet pills, you can see why Appetite Suppressant drugs are better than the Fat- blocker drugs. The main feature of the drug is to suppress the hunger as a whole. So you do not get any nutritional deficiency, provided you eat healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced diet. It stops you from snaking in between the meals. So you stay away from the other bad effects of the snacks, like cholesteroldue to HDL fats present in the snacks. So now you comprehend why you should choose appetite-suppressing drugs as collated to the fat blocking drugs. It is always better to make informed choices, as it is the question of your body and your health. Also remember that these pills work much better if you combine them with a alter in lifestyle and exercises.

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