The desire to be always attractive and harmonous is a desire many girls and women of our planet. However there are many temptations of a kind of flour products, sweets, ice-cream etc. which prevent to be such. The apple diet for growing thin is considered the most effective, accessible and popular as only in apples contains a considerable quantity of vitamins and useful microcells. Apples are good but for real weight loss you should take Meratol.

Apples are very tasty, it never happens allergic reaction of an organism using them, they always are available on sale and rather for reasonable price. Thus, the apple diet is accessible to any layer of a society (in difference from a pineapple diet).

As all of us know, apples happen different grades and acidity and sweet degree. In order not to damage the stomach and an organism as a whole before use of an apple diet it is necessary to consult with the dietitian, the gastroenterologist and the therapist and confirm you do not have diseases of a gastroenteric path. Only after acknowledgement of doctors you can begin any diet including the apple.

There is a set of versions of apple diets. Distinction consists in their duration, severity and auxiliary foodstuff.

Variant for patient and possessing power people is a week apple diet. At such variant of a diet the use of green tea (without sugar) and mineral water in any quantity is admissible. The first and last day of the given diet it is necessary to eat one kg of fresh apples. For the second day it is used already one and a half kg of apples. The third and fourth day we eat two kgs, for the fifth day it is reduced by five hundred gram and on the sixth – five hundred gram of apples. As the given diet is considered the heaviest it can lead to emotional pressure and stresses which are caused by feeling of hunger. We recommend to get rid of emotional loadings by means of the physical. Employment by sports exercises diets only will fix in time its effect and will give feeling of ease and harmony in all body.

Kefir – apple is considered more optimum of apple diets. Every day beginning in eight mornings and then in each three hours you should use in food on one crude apple and 0,5 liters of fat-free kefir. The use of a liquid during a diet is forbidden.

As one of variants of an apple diet is unloading we define one day in a week in which we will eat exclusively only apples in any kind and in any quantity. The use of various grassy infusions and mineral water is welcomed. The huge request is not to rush next day on meal. You should understand accurately that the diet is carried out only for the sake of your health and a beautiful figure.

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