After you have made up your mind to get rid of excess pounds, you will quickly understand that good eating habits and exercise are the main keys to keeping healthy body. It can be a challenging task for a beginner to find the right kind of exercise program to suit your lifestyle and schedule. Most people do a great mistake when they jump into a physical workout routine from the very beginning, this will result in burning calories quickly and giving up quickly as well. Due to this, making plans and starting slow and planning to increase your physical activity over time is the best.

The first thing that you should do before starting any new physical exercise routine is to consult your physician. It is especially important if you are at high risk for any health problems, are pregnant or over age 45. Once your doctor has given you instructions and recommendations as for your weight loss plan, you can start immediately.

Goals are vital, as they help you see the whole picture when you are exhausted and do not want to go on with your plans. You may take a walk or run. Whatever your goal can be, make sure that it is clear and realistic and give yourself enough time to reach success. Of course, setting a goal to run 5K for a month away when you have not so much as jogged since high school is perhaps will not be obtainable, nonetheless planning a 5K run for next spring is achievable. Setting realistic goals will help you to prevent frustrations and will make you to follow your new regime.

Before doing any strenuous exercise you should warm up. Simple stretches and flexing the muscles you aim to work will prevent injury when you start your workout into high gear. It is also vital to stretch after exercise, this will help to reduce pain and be a part of your cool down regime.
There are three main types of exercise that you need to incorporate into your daily workout plans. But of course, not all can be included into every workout, but a good combination of a three during the week will give the most effective results. Cardiovascular exercises, including swimming, aerobics, dancing are great options for beginners, help build muscles of the heart and boost oxygen flow when burning calories. Strength conditioning includes lifting weights or doing physical workouts that are focused on one muscle group at a time and usually assumes repetitions. It is advantageous for weight loss process as it helps developing muscles. Muscle burns calories when you are even having your rest. So, if you have enough muscle tissue in your body, you will be able to lose excess pounds faster.

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