Which calorie cycling weight loss plans is very best?

Right now there are many different calorie shifting strategies readily available and they’ve grown in popularity owing to the fact that if they are followed strictly they help dieters avoid weigh loss stalling also known as the dreaded diet plateau. In case you didn’t understand it, a calorie shifting diet plan is a diet where you create a baseline low-cal diet and then shake things up by going on high calorie days and then low calorie days. This varying of calories is what keeps the body from stalling and it heats up your metabolism. Many people swear by this method.

Your own caloric cycling diet.

Below is an example of a caloric cycling diet you could adapt. The numbers would need to by customized to fit your situation.

1. Create a baseline. Spend a month on a low calorie diet and be consistent, this gets your body used to a steady stream of, say, 2000 calories a day.

2. Increase your diet by 300 calories twice a week for the first week after your initial month only, add 300 calories to your diet. On Monday and Thursday eat 2300 calories.

3. Then lower your diet by 500 calories twice a week for the second week after the initial month only, subtract 500 calories from your diet. On Tuesday and Friday eat 1500 calories.

4. Increase your diet by 400 calories twice a week for the third week only, add 400 calories to your diet. On Wednesday and Saturday consume 2400 calories.

5. Decrease your diet by 500 calories twice a week for the fourth week after the initial month only, subtract 500 calories from your diet. On Thursday and Sunday consume 1500 calories.


It cost nothing
It works if you follow it


It is regimented
It doesn’t address nutrition
It requires a lot of will power
You are stuck dealing with Holidays and special occasion the best you can
There is no support except yourself and hopefully your friends

Commercial caloric cycling diet

There are many great caloric cycling diet programs offered that can give you many fascinating new weight-loss and maintenance approaches. Some of these plans use high calorie days once a week to “demand” that you eat the way you want to-no restrictions. Surprisingly, these high calorie days still promote fat loss by revving up the bodies metabolism up to 3 times that of normal.

Some commercial caloric cycling diets have fast weight loss blue prints that promote rapid fat loss over a short period of time.


All the work is done for you
Holidays and special occasions are counted as high • calorie days so you can eat freely
Nutrition is addressed and taught
There is support
Maintenance plans are included


You have to buy the plan (under $60)
You must be committed and willing to do some form of exercise
A caloric cycling diet is an exciting way to lose the weight you have always wanted to lose and it makes a great lifestyle to keep it off!

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