Chocolate, chips, cookies, sweets – all these products in a root undermine your efforts to lose weight. However it is possible to get rid from the insuperable desire to regale tasty, but high-calorific products…

It is four o’clock in the afternoon, and your working day declines, but you feel any vague internal anxiety. And, here it is… You are not hungry, but, as well as yesterday at the same time, you intolerably want chocolate. And it is not any chocolate, but your favorite one, spicy with juicy coffee aroma. You have so sharply felt its taste in a mouth that you went down to the automatic machine, have lowered some coins in it… And again, as already happened time and again, your good intentions to eat only healthy and low-calorie food remained only intentions.

In a consolation to you we can tell that you are not lonely. Many women often feel sudden and insuperable desire to eat potato chips, ice-cream, cookies or chocolate. What causes liking for some products? Why it flies, like a squall, completely subordinates us to itself and demands immediate satisfaction? “Such condition is the natural part of our relations with food”, – Harvi Vajngarten, the doctor of philosophy, the president of university “Albert” in Calgary, Canada considers.
He has carried out large-scale research on a problem of food predilections and asserts that they are characteristic for 97 percent of women and 68 percent of men, and half of them concede to their desires.

Between the aspiration to eat something tasty and hunger attacks there is a huge difference. When a person is hungry, he is ready to eat any dish, and food predilections are very specific. It often happens that people like to eat not even simply sweet or salty, but a chocolate of a special grade, a fancy – cake only with whipped cream or a roasted potato by a special way. The desire to regale oneself arises without the visible reasons and absolutely suddenly, but scientific researches show that it is predicted and appear during certain time and under the influence of concrete circumstances.

You, most likely, noticed that you “chocolate mania” arises at the same time of day or especially torments you in the same days of month.

According to the scientists, a sugar level in blood fallsby this moment, we feel drowsiness and necessity to stimulate the organism. In such situation the little push is necessary only to realize the arisen temptation, whether it is a snack bar on the way home or a chocolate bar which your colleague has got from a desktop on your eyes.

A bad mood often generates desire to resort to the help of your favorite food. It seems to us that if we eat cookies or a chocolate bar it will become easier. And it happens very often. Carbohydrates and they are contained in sweet and flour products, make active development of serotonin in a brain. This is a chemical substance which improves mood.

All this leads to extra weight everywhere on your body. And to gain weight is unfortunately much easier than to lose it. It is up to you to decide: to be or not to be, to eat or not to eat…

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