The society of straining and sweating people in a sports hall or on other trainings is not loved by many. But successfully to be engaged and move on a way to a harmonous figure is possible also at home.

Some consider that to go in for sports at home is not very effective. You cannot give all the best «on full», increase muscles. But after all far not each woman sets as the purpose to increase muscles as at the fighter. So, if it is pleasant to you, you can easy be engaged in fitness and at home.

Three simple “trues” are exercises which all of us know since the childhood. But not all know that there are some of them that can be quite enough to support a body in shape.

Pumps. We remember them from physical culture lessons at school. This is very useful exercise for pectoral muscles, but loading is distributed as a whole on all muscles of a body if it is in horizontal position. At first it is better to make 2 approaches with rest on steam of minutes. Each approach – till 10-15 time. Further it is necessary to execute the third approach at the full capacity.

Knee-bends also are familiar to us since the childhood. In this exercise work is directed on muscles of feet, but if in hands to take loading back muscles will work also. Watch a bearing, weight hold on heels. It is not necessary to squat very deeply, there will be enough parallel of hips with a floor. It is possible to squat and on one foot. Also, as well as with pumps, at first it is better to make pair approaches to prepare muscles for loading.

We swing a press. Choose exercise which most of all is pleasant to you and do it. Also it is possible to strengthen exercise, taking in hands of a dumbbell or other cargo.

If to combine these three exercises with warm-up, it is possible not to doubt that the effect from such trainings will be. Especially, if you did not go in for sports for a long time. The main thing is a regularity. And if you feel that have got used to loading add quantity of exercises in the approach or increase quantity of approaches.
You consider yourselves as the unlucky person because your holiday has not had for summer months?
In the summer day is longer, and it means that at you have a lot of time to devote it to yourself favourite! And to result in a shock of the riends who have grown plump after lazy rest by an excellent figure, a fresh skin and positive mood.
Go in for sports. In the summer you can always find hour or a half-hour on fitness! And it 3-7 hours per week! It will accelerate your metabolism at least on 30 mines a day that will necessarily lead to burning of fatty adjournment.

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