Jogging is a kind of fitness exercise that is quite difficult to define. However, let us try. It is movement that is usually slower than running but faster than walking. The technical definition runs as follows: running at the speed of 8 kilometers per hour and slower. The commonplace definition will sound like this: runnign at your own pace for your heart’s content in order to lose weight. As long as you start to compete, you are running.
The term ‘jogging’ originates from the exercise that was described in 1600s by Shakespeare himself. However, some scholars claim that even in ancient Rome jogging was a way of training used by athlets. To the USA, the concept came in 1960s from New Zealand, and immediately become popular. This is nowadays one of the most popular exercises all over the world.
To tell the truth, there are different types of jogging. Some people try to combine different types of jogging while others prefer just one. We would like to tell you that no matter what form of jogging you choose you are still only jogging.
Therefore, the most popular form of jogging is the routine jogging. This is the kind of jogging people do when they have jogging as a routine. Usually such people jog for several reasons: to stay fit, to get thinner, to forget about daily troubles or just to feel happier. This kind of jogging may be done at any weather, at any time of the year and under any circumstances.
Next kind of jogging is treadmill jogging. This is aimed at people who do not have the possibility to jog outdoors or for those who prefer an easier form of exercise. This type of running is considered to be more sparing for joints and muscles. It is up to a person what speed to choose and how to jog.
The third kind of jogging is trail jogging that unlike the other two requires better fitness and stamina. Usually it is applied for a kind of jogging in wilderness or on slopy surfaces and along hills and mountains. Those who prefer this kind of jogging usually get addictive to it and do not wish to change it on anythign other than trail jogging.
And finally, the race jogging or running. Usually you may choose to run a short distance or the whole marathon. The aim here is to see what endurance you have and how fit you are. Though, not only professional runners prefer race joggind but amateurs as well.
All in all, jogging is both a habit and a professional sport. Once you have made up your mind on jogging, get yourself a pair of good shoes; and off you go.

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