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How can Hoodia diet pills benefit you?

Taken from the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant, Hoodia’s active molecule P57 is clinically proven to:

* Suppress users hunger by switching off the hunger mechanism in their brain
* Works by making the brain believe that the body has got enough blood sugar
* Be 10,000 stronger than Glucose at suppressing your appetite
* Reduce your calorie intake by 50% – 1,000-2,000 calories a day

*PLEASE NOTE: US laboratory testing has found 99% of Hoodia diet pills to be fake.

Both formulated from nature’s best, these two 100% organically grown supplements are pretty impressive, offering a guaranteed weight loss of 1-2lbs a week. Yet even though both of their results are fairly consistent, there is one clear difference between Hoodia Gordonii and Proactol™. The side effects of hoodia diet pills.

Does Hoodia work?

It does, if consumers buy hoodia that has been laboratory tested and has been found to contain pure hoodia gordonii.

One of the many skepticism surrounding the quality of hoodia gordonii has come from the question of its authenticity.

According to US laboratories nearly 99% of hoodia diet pills are fake, which begs the question: are these reported liver and stomach problems from users down to unaltered, pure hoodia or are they a result of the other 99%?

One fact does remain. As hoodia pills have been clinically proven to make the brain believe that the body has got enough blood sugar, any one who is diabetic or is currently suffering from liver problems should consult with a Doctor first before they use it.

This is a startling result, and one that has swayed our decision.

Although it has been proven to cut consumers calorie consumption by 50%, these possible side effects compared to Proactol™’s 100% side effect track free record, makes Proactol Plus the more favorable herbal supplement.

Proactol vs. Hoodia diet pills – who comes #1?

From quality to reliability, Proactol™’s versatility as an appetite suppressant and a natural fat binder makes it unique amongst its competitors.

Lower blood cholesterol, increased joint flexibility and a healthier sense of being.

Here in one compact package, consumers can find all they need to help them lose those excess lbs, maintain their weight and feel better about their bodies both on the inside and on the outside.

There is no limit to what they can achieve. From 2 months to 2 years, consumers can use Proactol™ for as long as they need without ever having to worry about side effects.

It is truly an incredible product.

This is not to say that Hoodia diet pills have no benefits. Used for centuries by the Kalahari Bushmen as a natural appetite suppressant; if consumers can find pure Hoodia they can benefit from instant natural weight loss. Yes, even when they have previously struggled before.

Buy hoodia? Too many flaws

Yet when we say flaws, what we really mean is: how can you tell the genuine from the fake?

To know that 99% of Hoodia Gordonii supplements are probably fake or contain only minimal amounts of quality hoodia is a bit disconcerting. It means you have got an incredible chance of investing in the wrong product and experiencing new health problems.

And even though there are means in place to check. We have to admit, this is a lot of hard work to just ensure you receive the real deal. Especially as Proactol™ can offer more just than natural weight loss, but increased health benefits with none of the flaws or risks.

Until safer measures are in place, we simply cannot ignore the possible health risks that can come from using Hoodia diet pills. Your body is important.

There is only one choice: Proactol.

So, if you are searching for a genuine solution to natural weight loss, we recommend Proactol™.

Unique, versatile and affordable, customers can benefit from more than easy weight loss when they use Proactol. They can experience the gratification of knowing that they are using a supplement that truly does work, and will continue to work for them for as long as they need.
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