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EaseWhite Teeth Whitening Kit

Searching for whiter teeth without having to pay a fortune or endanger your health? EaseWhite at home teeth whitening may be the solution you are searching for. It is a great whitening solution for all people with sensitive gums and teeth. From our experience, it is very easy to use and completely safe. We also think it is quite cost effective.

EaseWhite InstantAfter putting EaseWhite through the test, we can say it is one of the fastest and best ways to whiten your teeth without any any irritation or side effects.

This is because EaseWhite, the newest teeth whitener available does not use peroxide which can make serious injuries to your gum and other moth tissues. It uses sodium bicarbonate that is as effective as peroxide, but without side effects.

If you use EaseWhite to whiten your teeth, you should expect the following features:

  • Remove stubborn stains on your teeth successfully
  • Get natural white smile and regain your confidence
  • See the result as fast as 30 minutes
  • Superior comfort mouth tray piece
  • Completely natural and safe formulation
  • Using the fully approved UK/EU compliant non-peroxide gel

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EaseWhite INSTANT is a proven at home teeth whitening kit with the unique formulation that can refresh your smile by effectively removing all stubborn stains on your teeth caused by food and age.

You will experience initial effects after the first treatment. It takes only 30 minutes for this procedure that is much more economical compared to clinics and dentists.

The package includes teeth whitening gel and 2 mouth trays and instructions for proper use. You’ll get everything you would ever need for a brighter smile!

Teeth whitening gel is a non-peroxide EU/UK compliant and is particularly great for people with sensitive gums.

EaseWhite FlexiTray™ mouth tray is excellent for treatments at home. You should put them in hot water and then mold them to the contour of your teeth. That way you will hold the gel in place and make sure it is in contact with the correct parts of the teeth.

Check out some EaseWhite user testimonials

Mark, UK

I love Easywhite! If you’ve never whitened teeth before it takes a few times before you see any difference, but once you see the difference you can see a big difference. My teeth are very white now and I get comments from people all the time.

before after teeth whitening
Astrid, Sweden

I must say I was somewhat doubtful about whether EaseWhite will really work as I simply thought peroxide was the only thing that works. But, I am very surprised by the results. If I had known about this product before I could have saved myself a few visits to the dentist.


I wasn’t expecting to see results this fast. All the coffee stains are almost vanished and my teeth already look much healthier. I’m really satisfied and have started telling to my friends! Thanks!

Easewhite is really a beneficial teeth whitening kit for its effectiveness, price and safety. Try it out and have whiter teeth without the irritation that often comes with other kits. The product is peroxide-free and follows the EU regulations and rules. It is very important that you feel safe when using at home teeth whitening.

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