Weight loss and obesity is the most popular issues today being discussed. More and more people are struggling with excess weight and they are searching for different ways of shading their pounds. Some people manage to do that and the others fail. So, let’s look at the ordinary approach to weight loss process. The first day you are determined and you think that nothing can be an obstacle on your way of weight reduction. Nothing will stop you and it seems to be true in your head the first few hours of your diet regime. The commencing is always good and you feel like you have chosen the right way and when lunch comes, the worst part of the day begin and that is late afternoon.

Many people give up dieting because late afternoon. What have you to do to feel like this during the whole day and the time that dietician call the breaking point and that is late afternoon. There have been many researches and it was stated that there is a time of day that your body switches into a low energy level and your brain activate a need to feed your body, to give it energy that it requires. Perhaps you felt like taking a nap during the day.

To recover that late afternoon energy you should know what is going on. Watch lest your body does not dictate for you what type of calories you should consume. First you should try to take about 20 minute pause when you know you feel sluggish. Such naps will help you to recover the energy to complete the rest of your day.

After napping it is recommended to walk a little bit and take in a good portion of fresh air, this will connect again your body and your brain. Your brain will give a notion to your body that it is time to start again. Stretch your hands and walk a little bit and stretch again. You can do these all in 20 minutes by taking a 15 minute nap and then wake up and take a little walk when accomplishing some stretching for a few minutes. When you are heading to your office, stretch some more and you will be able to regain your energy level.
Using this weight loss approach of napping and stretching you will be able to get rid of the habit of using food for regaining the energy of your body. Nourish your body when it is hungry indeed. Try t determine the difference between low energy and feeling hungry. If you feel cravings, eat a fresh fruit and this will help you to stay satisfied until the dinner time and besides, everybody knows that fruits can help to boost your metabolism.

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