With years many women frequently have problem with excess weight.
Principal cause of the given displays, the hormonal changes occurring in organism of women at the age of 40-45 years.
On the basis of scientific researches one more important reason of why in advanced age of the woman start to grow stout is established – the changed sense of taste calls them insuperable bent for to the sweet. Researches have shown that 35 percent of the women passing climax, cease to perceive sweet and accordingly don’t supervise their presence in diet, and here 45 % meaning switch on in the diet of more sweet, than before. And only 15-20 % of women still continue to limit themselves in the use of sweets despite age.

Reduction of ability of organism to development of hormones is the basic feature of the climacteric period. And because this process at women long that and figure changes (adjournment of fat in the field of waist of hips, stomach, and also the bottom part of the person and forearm) occurs wavy to amplitude on time. Female organism preparing to menopause is reconstructed under it, and hormonal changes influence in turn redistribution of hypodermic fat with increase in its quantity more actively. Such escalating of fat is required to organism, because at development reduction of hormones (estrogen) this function is incurred by fatty fabric. This process is very important for health of elderly women. And here persevering attempts get rid of superfluous fat can to lead to reduction of estrogen in blood that will lead to aggravation of climacteric symptoms (sleeplessness, to body temperature fluctuation, skin condition etc.). It is considered that stout women transfer climacteric changes easier. And outwardly it isn’t shown almost. The complexion doesn’t change and wrinkles are not so visible.

I wouldn’t begin to recommend to women after 45 years hungry and low-calorie diets, and also the big physical activities. They only will aggravate problem of excess weight and can essentially harm to health.

During this period it is recommended fractionally, is considered to eat not to get quickly excessive weight. Also it is not necessary to try to return former maiden symmetry. After all for frequent such attempts come to an end is very pitiable. But also it is not necessary to despair. It is necessary to wait the period terminations of menopause and then applied diets will have bigger effect, and harm from them to organism will be much less.

It is important to know that simultaneously to decrease in development of hormones there is change in exchange processes of organism. During this period calcium is intensively deduced from organism that leads to easing of inert fabric in consequence to such diseases as osteoporosis, illnesses of backbone, crises of bones. Any diet during this period is fraught with that the organism will receive less so necessary portion of calcium.

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