Fat Burning Pills or exercising? This shouldn’t even be a question that men and women ask themselves but it’s a common one that goes through many people’s minds when deciding to lose fat. There is no short cut or easy path to weight loss so if that has ever been a question in your mind it’s time for a wake up call.

Fat burning pills are big business these days and the supplement companies rake in lots of money with advertisements about how their clients have dropped 40 to 50 pounds in no time at all. The fact remains that these people with the great success stories and before and after pics didn’t do it with just Fat Burning Pills.

Physical exercise and a solid nutritional strategy are truly the foundation of any great weight reduction plan. A good natural and organic cleanse program can actually help you shed a few pounds via the process of cleaning up the system and eliminating toxins. Your body will in fact work more effectively and also the metabolic process will run smoother when it’s adequately flushed out.

Exercise is the best choice when it comes to weight loss simply because it can rev up the metabolic rate and maintain the weight loss permanently. Fat burning supplements may be utilized to assist in the weight reduction process. Some great choices are omega-3 fatty acids and green tea. Acai is a well-known option but usually a bit over hyped. Acai berry for burning fat is o.k. if you buy a top quality brand name with potent ingredients. Acai berry is a great anti-oxidant that can raise the metabolism through a number of mechanisms.

A healthy diet should incorporate a balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fats. A focus on fibrous carbohydrates that break down slowly and are packed full of vitamins and minerals is really a better choice over loading up on too many starchy carbohydrates that digest faster when it comes to fat loss. Low fat protein sources like chicken breast and fish are great additions to a healthy meal plan. Adding healthy fats like olive oil and omega’3 will help to balance out digestion and also the rate at which blood sugar enters your system.

When asking yourself the question, Fat Burning Supplements or exercise and diet, you must know that the top 2 are exercise and a healthy diet. Fat burning pills can be added as a dietary supplement but never the foundation. Stay with a few healthy meals a day, a brisk walk or a bodyweight cardio exercise routine and you’ll shed weight without even thinking of it.

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