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Fibretrim ReviewIt is probably the best weight loss drink in 2010. It is made by Nature Remedies, company with an excellent reputation is the weight loss industry.

Founders of Nature Remedies Dr Lasse Hassel and Dr Trevor Jarman CEO and Biochemist are the people behind Fibretrim.

It is an effective juice mix in a mango-orange flavor that helps you lose weight by suppressing appetite and burning fat while enriching the body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

It is endorsed and recommended by Jane Griffin, sports dietitian and Laura William, personal trainer.

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What is Fibretrim?

Zotrim Formula It is a 2010 weight loss drink which has taken the clinically tested Zotrim formula and put it into a refreshing drink that you can enjoy any time you want.

You may be wondering about the Zotrim formula, and if Fibretrim will work for you. I was asking myself the same and that’s why I ‘ve decided to try this product, test it and then write this review.

It works by reducing your appetite before meals. It is a high fiber slimming drink built on  proven Zotrim formula.  Zotrim is a 100% natural, herbal product and contains Guarana, Damiana, and Yerba Mate.

This weight loss drink is consumed some 15-20 minutes before breakfast and could be taken again before your evening meal for faster weight loss.

Does It Work?

With Fibretrim you will consume 200 calories less at lunch (equal to 1 hamburger).  It takes advantage of the impressive health properties of fibre and the award winning Zotrim formula to deliver an effective appetite suppressant which is clinically proven to work.

Drinking it daily would help you take control of your snacking habits and curb your appetite by up to 50%.

Since this drink has the scientifically proven ingredients of Zotrim, you could be sure that it is a supplement to be trusted. Zotrim has successfully passed 8 different clinical studies since the launch of the supplement!

Tests have proven that taken for 1 month resulted in an average weight loss of 3-4 pounds every week.

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Main Ingredients

Fibretrim ingredients are the same like Zotrim’s, with addition of Inulin.

  • Yerba Mate stimulating plant which speed-up metabolism
  • Guarana contains caffeine which boosts fat burning processes in the body, making you to lose weight faster
  • Damiana – Also have stimulating effect.

Researchers from Medical Center Charlottenlund, Denmark, noticed a herbal mixture containing Yerbe Mate, Guarana and Damiana prolonged gastric emptying time and reduced body weight in a study of 44 healthy overweight subjects.

Another study confirmed weight loss benefits of Zotrim formula. In a study from 2001,herbal preparation containing Yerbe mate, Guarana and Damiana was studied for weight loss purposes.

47 overweight persons entered a double-blind placebo-controlled parallel study of 3 pills of YGD before each main meal for 45 days compared with 3 placebo pills. The Zotrim Formula delayed gastric emptying, suppressed appetite, made reduction in overall calorie intake and induced great weight loss results over 45 days.

2010 Weight Loss Drink

  • Inulin is soluble dietary fibre. Dietary fibre are preventing constipation by increasing the bulk and softness of stools. Inulin will make you feel full faster.

Inulin also feeds your friendly bacteria Probiotics which help you to digest the food you eat, strengthen your immune system and capacity to deal with harmful microorganisms and toxins producing natural antibiotics, acids and hydrogen peroxide.

Inulin also helps in preventing and managing metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

In the University of Liverpool test Zotrim resulted in an average 17.6% reduction in calorie intake .When inulin was added to Zotrim this increased the calorie intake reduction on average 26.7% .

Possible Side Effects

It contains caffeine from Guarana. Caffeine may cause insomnia or headache. If you are sensitive to caffeine try to avoid drinking coffee while using this slimming drink. It should help you to avoid these minor side effects.

Fibretrim Benefits

  • Consume up to 200 calories less per meal
  • Lose 11 pounds per month
  • Burning more calories by boosting metabolism
  • Reduce your sugar and high fat food intake by 50%
  • Clinically proven to work
  • Great Bonuses
  • Free Shipping

With this product you will experience maximum weight loss. Free shipping for every order, 24/7 customer support and great bonus when you buy 2 months supply and you get 1 pack of Zotrim free and 15% discount on 3 months order. The price is 33-38 US dollars, depending of month supply.

It is the best 2010 weight loss drink, have excellent weight loss and other health benefits and it is one of our top recommendations, especially for people who will rather take slimming drink instead of diet pills.

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