Perhaps you have been in the situation where you are sitting in front of the TV eating a sandwich in the morning and ask if you should really be eating at that time? Well, if you ask, then you are probably right. Yes, it is doubtful if you can eat at such time.

Choosing the time for eating and food you are going to eat is very important. There are people who would tell, that you should eat whenever you feel empty, because it is how your body functions. But if you have serious problems with weight and want to effectively reduce weight, then time when you consume food is crucial.

When you get up in the morning you feel hungry. It is because you have been sleeping for 8 hours and have not had any nourishment. The first thing you want to do is to drink water. The body needs nutrients and it is also low in fluids.

Perhaps you have already heard that breakfast is a very important meal of the day. Why do you think it is so? Include egg whites, cottage cheese, proteins, carbohydrates into your breakfast. You should not overeat, but never skip your breakfast.

It is also important that you have snacks every 3 hours or so, but make sure you consume something healthy to satisfy your huger. Avoid always salad dressings, use vinegar and olive oil.

So, in late afternoon you are hungry and feel like eating your favourite fries. But stop! Choose some fresh fruits and vegetables instead, it is healthy, light and nutritious. You can satisfy your hunger even without those high fat foods.

Commonly everybody overeats at dinner time. Calories are converting into fat when you are watching your favourite TV program and eating. Get a habit to eat light food in the evening. It is recommended to fraction out your plate with half vegetables, a quarter carbohydrates, like brown rice, a quarter proteins like grilled skinless chicken and half vegetables. Intensify your daily activities, go for a walk with your dog or something else so that you can burn calories after your dinner.

And after the dinner we often struggle with late night snack and this is what you should be careful with. Choose something that is low in calories considering that you will not be able to do much physical workouts after this meal. You can eat celery sticks or fresh vegetables.

So, now you know what are the best times to eat, if you are seriously concerned with your weight and would like to get rid of those unwanted pounds. It may be difficult to get a habit of eating more often in small portions and healthier meals, but it will pay off on your long journey of weight loss.

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