Direction “fitness yoga” is possible to consider as one of the youngest. There is a question — in what way the fitness yoga differs from traditional yoga? Possibly, basic difference is made by problems which dare on fitness yoga in improving clubs: this correction and bearing improvement, sensibleness of depths of a body, equation in work of muscles both superficial and deep. Along with that the purpose of employment in its wide understanding remains to the same as in a traditional variant of yoga — knowledge of self-realisation.

So, the fitness yoga is simpler and is accessible to the majority of people. Carried out asanas are less difficult, their basis is safer. On usual, hourly employment, the turned poses are not given. On employment of bigger durations — for the clients who have mastered initial level of performance of poses got stronger physically and learnt to own the body, it is already possible to include the turned poses. But always it is necessary to be guided by level of physical and mental readiness engaged and to consider a condition of their health (as that: osteochondroses and displacement of vertebras in cervical department of a backbone, change in thyroid gland functioning etc.).

It is possible to consider yoga as one of fitness yoga problems adaptive introduction of yoga in weights but without distortions of its essence and without contradicting basic principles of traditions. At the same time it is useful to explain to people possibility of use of yoga in an ordinary life.

Unfortunately, newly introduced employment by yoga in fitness often are similarity of yoga not because of technics, a set of asanas or still something, and because of wrong motivation — to be stretched, to grow thin, etc.
There are features of employment in fitness clubs. As people are engaged for the purpose of improvement is more often and without leaving deeply in themselves, there is no categorical imposing of usages, requirements of rigid discipline, regular daily practice on 1,5-2 hour and observance of strict instructions (as that is demanded by the teacher from the pupils). It is more than freedom in choosing in the approach to employment by yoga but also more expedient recommendations, safety measures. People can be engaged in the mode and with independently chosen regularity, in a combination to any other employment by fitness. For the prepared and very keen clients are formed after any time group of higher level where is added complexity of asanas and duration of employment.

One more feature is that at any moment you can join the beginner group and the program should be made in order not to ruin health of any client. At visiting employment by fitness yoga there can be the most various, at times the unexpected purposes: to raise flexibility, to take off weariness, to grow thin, with curiosity, for the company it is pleasant simply because feels vigorously after employment. It is necessary to concern requirements of clients yours faithfully always. Let they are engaged at us on employment. After all if we, teachers, are keen on yoga we can carry away and our pupils and then can change and the purposes of their visiting of employment.

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