If you are an arthritis sufferer some types of foods may cause you an additional damage and actually provoke arthritis symptoms like swelling and pain. So here is a short list of foods to avoid with arthritis:

If you have Rheumatoid Arthritis you should avoid taking foods with more than 1000mg of Vitamin C. So, stay away from grapes, kiwis, lemon and other citric fruits.

Foods To Avoid With ArthritisSaturated fats are known to increase inflammation and pain in Arthritis patients. These fats are found in processed foods and some dairy products.

Oils and margarines made from sunflower and corn are high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids which can increase inflammation and pain. So, stay away from mayonnaise, hydrogenated and processed oils, butter, margarine…

Avoid all fried food too and instead include monounsaturated fats to your diet like extra-virgin olive oil for example.

Try to avoid chemicals that release free-radicals and make oxidative damage, because free-radicals can contribute to arthritis in all its forms. These chemicals are used in processes foods like preservatives, so read the label carefully to avoid at least those loaded with lot of them.

People suffering from gout should avoid purine rich foods and alcohol. They increase the body’s level of uric acid. Foods high in purines are asparagus, meat gravies and broths, mushrooms, mussels, all organ meats and sweetbreads.

In short, foods to avoid with arthritis are mostly so called unhealthy foods. Try to eat low preservative, low sugar, low salt, more alkaline and alcohol free diet. Besides, to reduce inflammation and pain, we recommend you to try Provailen, clinically proven arthritis supplement.