The average person eats throughout the life from 20 to 25 tons of meal. No one knows what percent makes healthy and wholesome food, but, definitely, this number only decreases every year. I am sure that you know about all the harm that fast food can do to you, so we are not going to talk about it, but let’s talk about what products, on the contrary, benefit our organism

Curative properties of healthy food have been known to mankind for a long time. Naturally, it not panacea from all illnesses, but certain influence healthy food has upon our whole organism.

So let us look on these curative properties of healthy food a little bit closer:

Oranges, for example, are useful at illnesses of gums and an atrophy of muscles, also they weaken asthmatic displays. Orange juice is useful as preventive maintenance of oncological diseases. The regular consumption helps at sharp respiratory diseases and reduces arterial pressure. The orange dried peel helps to cope with sleeplessness.

Bananas protect walls of a stomach from influence of sharp and salty food. They are useful to digestion, as they helps to improve the digestion process so those people who love bananas a lot seldom have any problems with a stomach. Bananas stimulate reproduction of useful bacteria in intestines. As a result, influence of toxins of intestinal microflora is weakened and improves absorption of essential to our organism nutrients.

Beans are known to mankind for a long time, too. In Ancient Egypt people talk about it with superstitious fear. It was actually considered that the black stains on bean’s flower are a seal of death. Nevertheless, beans are rather useful; many sorts of beans are also simply irreplaceable for a vegetarian diet.

Beans normalize the sugar level in blood, reduce cholesterol level, and interfere with occurrence of a cancer of a breast. They contain a considerable quantity of the folic acid useful to vessels.

Or let us talk about carrot a little bit. The carrots rests have been found in the Stone Age. The Roman writers named its queen of vegetables.

Carrots will protect an organism from a heart attack and a stroke. It improves working capacity of heart; also it is very useful to eye sight as it helps to improve it a lot. Two carrots provide day norm of beta carotin that twice reduces the risk of a stroke in men organism. Or for example if woman would eat five carrots a week, she would suffer from heart attack on 70 % less often. Also if you would mix carrot juice with cucumber it is a good diuretic.

Fashions on diets and other different weight loss methods vary very often. And every method seams to be the best, the most effective and safe. However, each of them has its defects. Healthy and balanced will not harm your organism and will not spoil a figure, but it will help you to lose weight in natural way and what is most important fast and effectively.

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