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Hemp Oil – A Gift From Nature

Hemp oil is the only known natural source where the ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 content is the same as in the human body (3:1). As for omega acids, it is a perfectly suited natural food.

Hemp oil contains, among other things, an extremely important gamma linoleic acid, known as “super unsaturated fatty acid”, which regulates the hormonal status of the organism.

Essential fatty acids (so called “healthy fat”) are of vital importance to the human body, but they must be taken with food because the body can not produce them on its own.

They work on different bodily mechanisms: controlling the immune system and its response to various diseases, protecting cell membranes from damage, optimizing metabolism, controlling the cardiovascular system, affecting skin health and more.

This miracle oil is made from the seeds of industrial hemp 1 that is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, fibers, minerals and vitamins.

It is incredible that this oil can supply us with such powerful, useful substances.

Health benefits of Hemp oil

Hair and skin care

Hemp seed oil is a very powerful way to fight aging. Because of the naturally high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, this oil is great for moisturizing and softening the skin, providing particularly good results in dry skin, nail and hair.

For these reasons it can often be found as an ingredient of some hair regenerators, but you can also make your own natural oil mask – but after that you must wash your hair well.

One of the most important features of this natural oil is the ability to stimulate skin elasticity and hydration level in skin cells – helping the skin to be softer, hydrated and younger with more energetic and radiant look.

Hormonal Balance

Hemp seed oil contains an important component called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) 2 which converts into prostaglandin PGE1; Hormone that protects the hormonal balance and helps health, especially during menopause.

Only hemp gives edible seed that works this way, so hemp oil may be very useful for all women.

Hemp oil reduces cholesterol levels

As already mentioned, due to the balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are found in hemp oil, it can help maintain a low cholesterol level by stimulating your metabolism.

Faster metabolism allows your body to burn fat faster and prevents damage and creation of fatty deposits on the arteries walls, which can cause health problems.

Hemp seed oil is ideal vegetarians

Vegetarians and vegans often try to get the optimal balance of omega fatty acids in their diet. Hemp oil provides this optimal ratio and is easily added to the food to maximize its nutritional value.

Hemp Oil Uses, Benefits

Useful for diabetics

Hemp oil has a fairly small amount of sugar and carbohydrates, and helps a sense of satiety. Therefore, it is an excellent ingredient for diabetics.

As an added bonus, natural nutrients found in this oil also help preserve the blood sugar balance.

Fights against psoriasis

Health experts believe that one of the causes of psoriasis is due to the low levels of omega 6 fatty acids in the system.

Again, hemp oil has these substances in optimal ratio, and their addition will help improve skin health, hydration, and skin oxygenation – without the use of chemical substances.

Also, hemp oil contains cannabinoids that have proven beneficial to a whole range of skin changes such as redness, rough skin, itching, eczema, etc.

Stronger immune system

Nutritional value of hemp and essential fatty acids help regulate the intestinal microflora that helps preserve our immune system.

By aiming at the cause of the digestive tract diseases and supporting the intestinal microbiological health, you become more resistant to harmful microorganisms, which is especially useful in the colder months when all people are prone to colds.

No more varicose veins

Hemp oil reduces and prevents varicose veins by detoxifying blood – this also reduces the risk of blood clots.

Healthy nervous system

Hemp oil helps prevent the nervous system from experiencing the process of degradation called Demyelination – where the myelin sheath that protects the nervous system i s worn away or damaged.

Useful fatty acids present in this oil prevent this by preserving the healthy nerve membrane.

The Hemp Oil Dosage

Any substance that is ingested in excess, obviously, may result in some unwanted effects.

Taking the proper hemp oil dosage could make a positive change and will drive you away from the adverse effects.

Omega 3

Hemp Seed OilOmega 3 may be used to help improve the lipid profile 3 and contribute to the reduction in the chance of getting heart disease.

Including Omega 3 in your daily diet will not instantly help with protecting against such illnesses.

On the other hand, studies have proven that using dietary supplements faithfully significantly reduces the likelihood of getting heart and heart related diseases.

Furthermore, study reveals that it will take around 12 months of using 1000mg Omega 3 daily to boost and improve the lipid profile.

The suggested dosage by the European Food Safety Authority advises 2-2.25 grams of Omega 3.

Omega 6

Omega 6 is also an essential fatty acid that your body is not able to create by itself. It can help the neurological system in preserving ideal health and has a role in growing and cell and tissue restoration. Certain studies reveal that Omega 6 also works against inflammation.

The suggested dosage of Omega 6 fatty acid is 6-10grams every day.

Hemp Oil Nutritional Value

Organic hemp oil is composed of around 75-82% essential fatty acids. This may be additionally divided to around 54-58% Omega 6 and 21-24% Omega 3.

The optimal ratio is of Omega 6 to Omega 3 intake is 3:1. Food safety authorities also suggest this ratio.

A 100ml oil provides around 60% Omega 6, and about 22% Omega 3 which approximately offers you the ideal ratio of 3:1. Now, having the details listed here, we are able to establish a dosage based on the suggestion of regulatory government bodies.

The Perfect Hemp Oil Dosage

Therefore, for every 100 ml of hemp oil, there are around 60 ml of Omega 6 and around 20 ml of Omega 3. To calculate the appropriate dosage, take a look at the following formula.


If you make some calculations, you’ll get to an optimal hemp oil dosage of roughly about 16.7 ml every day. This is slightly over 1 tablespoon.

A tablespoon of hemp oil provides sufficient amount that your system requires. Thus, you do not have to take 2-4 tablespoons every day because it can have potential risks.

This is the healthy dosage you may use regularly to enhance your health and enjoy the health advantages these essential fatty acids provide.

Of course, you can check with your physician and examine your blood chemistry to determine the right hemp oil dosage for you.

Hemp Oil Side Effects

Although very uncommon, some individuals experienced side effects when using hemp oil.

Potential Side EffectsThese negative effects may be dryness of the mouth, lower blood pressure, lightheadedness, or sedation.

Scientific studies on animals have not discovered any problems with using this oil.

Actually, a study from 2006 claims that the accessible scientific information show that hemp and CBD oil may be given without risks over a broad dose range.

Of course, since there are no long-term safety studies, it is best to consult your doctor before you start hemp oil.

Hemp Seed Oil Conclusion

Hemp seed oil is an excellent source of premium nutrients and has a great track record in Eastern culture as a traditional remedy.

In spite of its confirmed health benefits, preconceived notion linked to its connection with cannabis has kept it from widespread use in the West.

Although the oil has little to no THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis, hemp oil continues to be suspicious to some people.

Fortunately, we live in an era of constant education and learning and there are growing number of men and women seeking it out for hemp oil health benefits that are backed up by science.

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