Each year people expend forty billions US dollars for products, designed for losing weight. But the trouble with obesity not only remains, but even worsens. Nowadays the attention is turned towards Hoodia (Hoodia gordonii) – a entirely genuine means, very unique from the diet stimulants as ephedra and phenphen, that are already banned because of their unsafe side effects, that other appetite suppressants have.

Hoodia is not a stimulant. It is a bitter cactus plant, that grows only in the Kalahari desert. The natives,, are using Hoodia Gordonii for hundreds of years. When they went on prolonged hunting marches in the desert, they consumedate Hoodia to to stop their hunger and to increase their energy.

The original systematic research on the plant was completed in the National Laboratory of South Africa during the 60s of the past century. It was noticed instantly that the tested animals, to which it was given, rapidly lost some of their weight.

Only thirty years later, the precise appetite-suppressing molecule in Hoodia was isolated and recognized. Afterwards, numerous clinical trials with human volunteers subjects were performed, which gave promising outcome. The volunteers who got Hoodia consumed around 1000 calories per day minus compared to the participants in the control group. “If you take this plant every day, the hunger decreases a lot, very noticeably”, says Richard Dixey.

The molecule “p57” (that how the researches called the active ingredient), present in the plant, sends a signal to the brain for a feeling of fullness. Here is how it works in more details:

Hoodia definitely suppresses the appetite. It is easy to lose some pounds when you you don’t have appetite! There are several types of Hoodia, but only Hoodia gordonii includes this natural appetite-suppressing ingredient, which has a similar effect on the appetite-controlling centers in brain as the glucose and manages to generate the feeling of fullness in the brain. The consequences from the clinical trials in Great Britain show that Hoodia can decrease the hunger with thousands or even more calories daily.

By the suppression of the hunger, a decrease in the daily intake of calories with more than one-third can be achieved. Hoodia also helps for the better functioning of the guts and regulation of glucose levels in the bloodstream. So, it is not shock, that this cactus gathered so many interest. Hoodia appetite suppressants is accessible in the form of capsules and liquid extracts. Which one you will pick is totally up to you.

Of course, there are additional useful products, which can help you in your fight with overweight. In some, excellent results have been reached with Cytrichrome, in others – with Glucomanan + chrome. Garcinia, the bitter orange and the green tea are the most famous and most often used in the world herbs for burning the fat and a durable reduction of the weight.

Whether you pick hoodia or some other natural appetite suppressants, you should know that these are just aids in weight loss battle.