Fitness today is in a fashion: the majority of women wish to have a beautiful figure. Regular use of physical exercises makes training and tempering impact on an organism, raises its ability to live, working capacity and stability to adverse influences of an environment. Fitness is a system of improvement of an organism and formation of a beautiful body which consists of an active way of life, physical exercises and a balanced diet. Fitness has arisen in the USA on the peak of popularity of bodybuilding – escalatings of muscular weight by means of physical exercises and anabolic hormones.

Unlike bodybuilding at which the muscular weight was shown, fitness propagandised a healthy way of life and the beautiful harmoniously developed body generated without application of any stimulators.

Main principles of employment of fitness are:

* a balanced diet excluding animal fats and carbohydrates;
* combinations of trainings on endurance with power physical exercises for training of separate groups of muscles;
* as much as possible active way of life.

Employment by fitness promote formation of force, endurance, flexibility and health, improve exchange processes (in an organism fiber is actively synthesised, the muscular weight accrues, fatty adjournment decrease, the quantity of energy) increases. Fitness is preventive maintenance of cardiovascular diseases, it strengthens immunity and improves work of all internal.

Is it possible to spend fitness in house conditions?

If you do not have possibility to visit employment on fitness with the trainer spend their houses. For this purpose it is possible to get additional equipment at the correct organisation of employment will be not less effective.

The main thing in employment by fitness is regular and gradual escalating of loadings. Start to train cardiovascular system and only then attach power loadings (training of separate groups of muscles). High-grade fitness training should proceed not less than 60 minutes as during any physical activity to the first half an hour there is a reception of energy from carbohydrates and only after all carbohydrate resources will be used, the organism passes to reception of energy from stocks – fatty adjournment. Employment by fitness must be spent every other day.

Training of cardiovascular system can be spent by means of the dosed out walking, run, swimming, walking on skis.

People of employment elderly and conducting an inactive way of life fitness need to begin with training of cardiovascular system in the form of the pedestrian walks. Walking should proceed to a condition of easy weariness (from 5 till 20 minutes), its intensity – to correspond to number of warm reductions and respiratory movements: palpitation and a short wind should not be (a pulse rate at employment by fitness is calculated under the formula: 220 – age • 0,65). It is necessary to go daily (if health allows, sometimes in day gradually increasing loading). When you can go during a half an hour it is possible to add small loading in the form of weight (it is better if weight settles down behind the back in the form of a backpack), since 500 gramme and to finish to 2-3 kg.

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