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Today there are many people struggling with excess fat. So, nowadays weight loss issues are the hottest issues that are being discussed. A lot of people are looking for different ways of losing weight, many people would like to reveal the secret of successful weight loss diet. To lose weight, you should change your eating habits.

The main problem is that you get hungry between meals. Of course, you are on a diet and do not eat such portions as you have eaten before. But following any diet does not mean that you should go into starvation mode. Vice versa you should consume food that can satisfy your hunger and contain fewer calories.

Do you think it can not be done? Here there is a list of 5 organic snacks which will help you to get rid of those cravings between meals.

From the very beginning, before anything else happens, you should stay hydrated and drink much water. This has nothing to do with your hunger, but it will help your body to function better and it is considered to be the most important for helping digest the food you eat. You should drink 2 liters per day, and that is 8 glasses.

1. Fruit before Meals
Do you know that you should eat 5 different items of fruit a day? But you should also know when you should eat them.

It is recommended to eat one or two pieces of fruit 30 to 60 minutes before your meal. You can eat apples, choose whatever you like.

It is helpful in two ways: it satisfies your hunger and it also reduces your appetite at meal time in order you feel better eating less.

2. Mixed Seeds
It is suggested to carry a small pot of mixed seeds with you and take out a handful whenever you feel like something to eat. You can mix such tasty seeds as sesame, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, which are the best suppressant of appetite.

You can also mix in several pine nuts which contain fewer fat that most other nuts and a delicious protein replacement food.

3. Smoothies
The best way to get all of the antioxidants and nutrition your body requires for better health is to drink them. You can blend them and drink. Try to mix kiwi, vanilla, strawberry and banana with mango.

It is like a meal and besides, it is easy to make.

4. Rye bread and cottage cheese
Rye bread will satisfy your hunger and leave you full for a long time. It is a great food providing you with lots of energy releasing slowly and is a perfect lunchtime snack. It is recommended to eat with cottage cheese, because it is dry on its own.

5. Olives

Black or green olives are a great tasty snack, but do not overeat. This is an excellent detoxing agent and they are easily digested. It is strangely for oil, but olive oil can help you to get rid of excess fat because it includes essential fatty acids which enable stored excess fat to be removed from the system. Eating very much will have the opposite effect though.

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