Very often women try to follow different diets, they suffer and calculate calories… On all it turns out that we eat very little. In a week we are weighed, and result below any expectations. And we were lost only three hundred grams. Why? That is why that the organism very badly submits to arithmetic laws. An organism it is not algebra at all. I assure you, on complexity of the device the organism will be above the higher mathematics.
The most important thing about what we should know and constantly to remember – reduction of consumption of energy with food (a hypo high-calorie diet) only in single instances is accompanied by adequate weight reduction. Much more often instead of weight reduction we observe decrease in the power consumption of this or that degree of expressiveness. We very much try, as less as possible is, and our organism tries to spend as less as possible, bringing all our efforts to naught.
Sometimes this delay happens directly on the first week of growing thin. Sometimes it happens after some weeks or months and then there is a so-called plateau, well known much growing thin. It when, despite continuation of efforts both as regards observance of a diet and as regards application of loadings the weight ceases to decrease. And sometimes things are going swimmingly. It is grown thin easily without any difficulties. And we tell about the experience by acquaintance, we give advice about what and as it is necessary to eat! But their attempts to repeat our experiment come to an end all with the same – tortures much more, than result more often.
By the way, if wish to know, the parity happy and dissatisfied with rates of growing thin makes about one to twenty – twenty five. And this size depends on a little from the category amateur the person observed what diet. Statistics. And here the higher mathematics also begins. It turns out that power consumption delay, a thing though also frequent, but not so obligatory (it is possible to some to slip!). Also that if to business to approach not hurriedly, and, having thought and having provided those situations when the metabolism is very possibly slowed down it is possible quite for yourself to lose successfully certain quantity of kilograms, having received from process not only advantage, but also pleasure.
And from here quite natural questions:
· Why is there a power consumption delay?
· How is it shown?
· What from depends? In other words – properly to build the growing thin that the power consumption not only was not reduced, but also on the contrary, increased?
· What is it necessary to do and properly yourself to conduct, if this delay has already occurred?

If you really want to grow thin, you will find answers on all these questions and will get your aim.

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