Let’s talk how power consumption delay is shown.
Without fail absolutely weight reduction considerably is slowed down or stops. However to reveal this symptom not so it is simple, as it seems. How it you will reveal, even if in norm of fluctuation of weight make one – one and a half kg a day? Here symptoms earlier and more exact which we shouldn’t disregard at all.
1. The general and muscular weakness. All is correct – there is no energy, the muscular tone decreases. In hard cases business can reach attacks of dizziness and faints (decrease in tone of vessels and arterial pressure).
2. Body temperature decreases. Even in heat people sleep, having put on, having muffled in blankets, having put on feet warm woolen socks.
3. Hunger. It means that the organism can’t get energy from internal stocks and is in great need in food. Our organism can’t suffer hunger for along long time. It will be obligatory either power consumption delay, or failure.
Here is history of one my acquaintance. When he has once again decided to undertake himself, his weight exceeded 170 kg. But this time the guy has been adjusted rather resolutely. He has begun to starve. Business first went very quickly. He lost about three kg in a week. But approximately after three weeks has appeared weakness and began to accrue, and growing thin process was slowed down. On the fourth week weakness was such that more or less tolerably he felt only lying in bed. By great necessity he could rise, but did it in four stages. Forces have left him so much that even the ladder in four steps before entrance threatened to become insuperable barrier. By the way, do you know, how much he has dumped starvations for last week? It is only 400 grams. And fat he has lost no more than 200 grams, the rest fiber that is cages of muscles, liver, immune cages, and blood cells. Actually at starvation the organism eats itself!
And so, 200 g of fat, it is 1800 kilocalories. It is energy, which my friend has received from stocks and has spent for 7 days. Accordingly, for day is somewhere 250 kilocalories. It in 10 times is less, than the man not occupied with physical work spends in a day. It turns out that the metabolism at my acquaintance was slowed down minimum at ten times!
But expense delay is frequent proceeds quite to itself imperceptibly. Do you feel cold? We will warmly put on! Weakness, absence of desires and aspirations, you don’t want to walk? Well and it is fine, we will sit at home! Also it is not known to us that our organism spends any more two thousand kcal, and only one and a half, or it is less than that.
Don’t loose your mind, when you want to loose some extra kilograms. Take care of your health!

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