First of all, let’s understand what is such balanced diet. This physiologically high-grade food of healthy people which is various and balanced on all components.

The balanced diet should be considered as one of the main components of healthy way of life, as one of factors of prolongation of the active period of ability to live.

The human body submits to thermodynamics laws. According to them we will formulate the first principle of balanced diet: its power value should correspond to power expenses of organism. Unfortunately, in practice this principle is broken often. In connection with superfluous consumption of power-intensive products (bread, potato, animal fats, sugar, etc.) power value of daily diets exceeds often power expenses. To age increase there is accumulation of superfluous weight of body and the development of adiposity accelerating occurrence of many chronic degenerate diseases.

The second principle of balanced diet is conformity of chemical compound of food substances to physiological requirements of organism. Daily in certain quantity and parity in organism should arrive about 70 components, many of which aren’t synthesized in organism and consequently are vital. Optimum supply of organism by these food substances are probably only at various food. The maximum variety of food defines the third principle of balanced diet.

At last, observance of optimum diet defines the fourth principle of balanced diet. The regularity, frequency rate and alternation of food intakes are meant diet. The diet, also as well as requirement for food substances and energy, varies depending on age, physical activity. Observance of the specified main principles of balanced diet does its high-grade.

And if you consider that, having picked up for yourself set of products for calories, the maintenance of fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and so on, your organism will receive high-grade, balanced diet, you are deeply mistaken. Configuration of products should comprise the basic final principle, transform the picked up products in useful, wholesome food that won’t bring harm to organism.

For achievement of the given purpose, it is necessary to consider:

Quality and power value of used products, except that, important value has condition of their storage;

Way of cooking which should provide both flavoring, and nutritious properties of dishes, and also their power value;

Conditions, frequency rate and food intake time;

Quantity and caloric content of used food for days;

Changes of diet in intensive loadings.

Observance of recommendations about balanced diet is the basic source of increase of stability of organism to various harmful influences of environment and decrease of some not infectious chronic diseases.

Using the made recommendations on 90 % it will be possible to avoid adverse influence of food on more healthy and symmetry of figure as a whole. You should always remember not only about your figure, but also about your health.

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