Strict diets, as well as starvation, it is used for growing thin, attacks at treatment of various diseases, such as: mental frustration, dermatitis, metabolism infringement, presenilation, rheumatism, an arteriosclerosis, hypertensive illness and cardiovascular diseases which are necessary to treat only under supervision of the doctor.

The essence of a strict diet consists in reception with food 50 – 100 kcal daily. The menu turns out very poor with the limited set of products. The strict diet is necessary for observing no more than 2 weeks. The complete starvation assumes full refusal of meal. Contrary to develop at the majority of people to opinion, efficiency of a strict diet or starvation is rather insignificant.

The short duration of a strict diet and unusual set of the products resolved to the use, do not create conditions for change of habits of a food to the best. It too does not promote weight preservation.

Let’s consider the mechanism of loss of superfluous kg at observance of a strict diet. Considerable reduction in organism quantity of glycogen and waters, and also a fiber quantity becomes a weight reduction principal cause. As a result, though the person grows thin approximately on 3-5 kg within the first week and for 2 – 3 kg after the second week of the diet, the lost weight soon comes back at completion of a lack of water and glycogen in an organism. Besides people after a strict diet start to eat strenuously at the expense of what there is a fast completion of fatty losses and putting off of new stocks.

Starvation happens periodic and full. At periodic starvation there is a refusal of meal within one day that is equated to a day of limited intake of food for an organism. Longer starvation is dangerous not only for health, but also for human life if it passes without supervision of the doctor. The effect of growing thin at a complete starvation for very corpulent people is about 0,2 – 0,4 kg a day or 1,4 – 2,8 kg a week.

Lack of a strict diet is that it is difficult for carrying out in practice. Even incomplete refusal of food can be intolerable, because of the limited set of products. When caloric content of a diet does not exceed 500 kcal a day the organism receives less necessary nutrients, as a result the organism starts to lose fiber. Strict diets, which along with food restriction limit also the water use, are especially dangerous to an organism.

Despite existence of medical indications to application, starvation has much more quantity of contra-indications. Starvation is harmful to the people sick on tuberculosis, and also people with hyper erythrism.

Starvation has a lot of by-effects, which bear danger to human life.

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