Recently it became very fashionable to use every possible vegetative set, including teas, which ostensibly promote growing thin.
As it is known these drinks prepare usually on the basis of grasses. But it appears that along with a positive effect, the given drinks are capable to cause collateral action. So, the means influencing thick intestines, accelerating movement of its contents, as a rule, contain resinous substances, which cause irritation mucous intestines. At the person appear unpleasant pains in the bottom of a stomach. Very seldom in trade it is possible to find tea for growing thin which would not render a by-effect.
For by-effect softening it is recommended to use teas for growing thin on an empty stomach before a breakfast or in the evening after a supper as their action starts to prove not earlier than in 8-10 hours.
The use similar slimming aids throughout long time, is not safe for health. As a result in an organism the water exchange can be broken that finally will lead to deficiency of micro cells and other necessary substances. Besides, with the termination of reception of tea for growing thin slackness of intestines is found out. Similar effect other vegetative sets possess also.

In mass media preparations for the growing thin, suppressing appetite are very strongly advertised, up to its full disappearance. Similar preparations also prepare on a vegetative basis.
At once I wish to warn that to the people, suffering cardiovascular diseases, it is better to address for councils to the attending physician, instead of to self-medicate biologically active additives.
Appetite suppression, the vivacity, the raised working capacity — all it is characteristic only for an initial stage of application of the given preparations. Then excitation is replaced by braking; there is a drowsiness, the weariness increases, that is give a nervous exhaustion.
Caffeine entering frequently in structure of preparations, also strengthens stomach activity, but at long application and simultaneous refusal of meal can lead to development of a stomach ulcer of a stomach.
It is quite obvious that tablets containing caffeine, it is impossible to accept to people who suffers an arterial hypertension, sleeplessness, and as to people of advanced age. Pay attention that frequently in applied instructions to the given preparations about these contra-indications usually it is not told.
The preparation is especially harmful to appetite decrease, to pregnant women. To all women expecting the child or nursing, at all it is not recommended to try to grow thin. It is better to make it a bit later.
Recent researches of scientists-physicians from Venice have shown that the preparations reducing appetite, cause pressure increase in blood and lungs. The data of their researches says that at the majority of the people accepting similar preparations, diseases of heart and lungs accompanied by difficulty of breath, undue fatigability, dizziness etc. as a result develop.
As a result of long application, the preparations reducing appetite cause the raised nervousness and depressions lead, and also have negative influence on brain function.

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