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For people who have got used to physical activities to carry out these simple physical exercises, will not be very difficult. But you will get good result. As shows the statistician, diets without physical exercises not only will not help to dump excess weight, but even can do much harm to your health. I wish to recommend you a simple complex of special exercises, which will help to improve blood circulation in feet, to strengthen blood circulation and to raise a metabolism.

The given exercises can be carried out everywhere and in any conditions, for example, when you sit at the TV, work behind a table in an armchair or go back in transport from work.

These exercises it is necessary to do in each hour, straining serially various muscles.
To begin with, it is necessary to sit down directly, knees at right angle, heels and socks together. You should slightly to lift socks serially with pressure sural muscles and muscles of feet and fingers.

We continue exercises, sitting directly. You should to put feet together and with identical frequency to tear off heels from a floor.

The exercise following consists in assignment and the data of heels at an angle 45 ° without tearing off socks from a floor.

Continuing to sit, feet together. Alternately to strain and weaken buttock muscles. To repeat 30-40 times within 1 minute.

Here exercises for respiratory muscles. Into the account of “one” to make a breath and to involve a belly wall, into the account “two” – a full exhalation, into the account “three” and “four” to strain muscles of a forward belly wall and to hold the breath. To repeat not less than 15 times.

Following exercise in transport will not be conveniently to make, therefore will give particular attention to it performance there where to you it will be convenient. A starting position – sitting, hands in the parties. Slowly, with pressure of all muscles you should reduce shovels and to keep them during 1s in this position, then to return to habitual position.

Also try to compress serially brushes of hands with pressure during 1s.
All complex of exercises should occupy no more than 6 minutes in one hour.

As an example I suggest a complex of the general exercises for people with the raised weight of a body, which can be combined with morning gymnastics:

1. Walking on a place 35 seconds, the accelerated walking 35 s, the slowed down walking 40 s.
2. Put two chairs seats to each other on distance of width of shoulders. Rest hands against seats and be wrung out, bending and unbending hands (6-8 times).
3. Slowly sit down on a chair and sharply rise. Exercise to repeat 14-16 times.
4. Facing a chair seat, keeping for a back of a chair hands, come a foot on a seat, rise on a chair (14-16 times).
5. Keeping hands for a chair back, rise on socks, and then sit down (18-20 times).
Wish you nice trainings!

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