Why do we suffer from excess weight? In a modern society the refined and tasty food is accessible to the majority of people. It also is at the bottom of an overeating that is food intake rich with calories that leads to increase in number of stout persons. Therefore the answer to a question – that, as a matter of fact, is at the bottom of superfluous weight of a body, is rather simple – an overeating and hypodynamia. Or, better to say, too plentiful food intake in comparison with power expenses. Stout persons like to assure themselves that they eat a little, and blame for the condition hormones, a metabolism or something other.
However careful researches have shown that cases when the reason of excess weight of a body are physiological infringements of an organism, make less than 1 %. At an overeating usually there is an infringement of balance of a metabolism that leads to development of excessive appetite. Many people try to regulate the excess weight by means of every possible diet. But they do not manage to reach desirable result as the feeling of hunger or does not give long time is on a diet, or after the termination of a diet they again get superfluous kg.
You can help to these people, if only they estimate the condition and will start to approach to this problem in a complex. It is necessary to be honest with yourself and patient, in a root to start to change habits in a food. What to us to do?
The answer to this question, basically, is not so combined. However, in any case all depends on you. Preparations can help to suppress to you appetite, to deduce surplus of fats from an organism etc. But to keep the reached results it will be possible only in the event that you will manage to adhere to simple recommendations some enough.
It is important to understand that appointment of this plan – gradual education in yourself during reception of the preparations relieving you from a superfluous grease layer, certain habits.
These habits are connected with eutrophy and moderate impellent activity. Your problem – to get rid by means of those or other preparations of excess weight and then, gradually having refused their reception, to keep the reached results, without forcing yourself with a strict diet and other emergency measures. Only the correct approach to a food and the impellent activity will help you not to get again weight and again to address to any preparations for a weight loss.
It is unique the correct way! It is thought, your previous attempts to get rid of superfluous kg by means of any preparations have convinced you of it. Medicines and food additives – only your assistants on this way, but the most important assistant is you!
There are three basic postulates for achievement of normal weight of a body:
· To eliminate feeling of false hunger.
· To correct some bad habits in a food, connected with absorption of too fat or high-calorie food.
· To restore the normal metabolism which has been slowed down owing to the limited way of a food.

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