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The diet not is panacea for weight reduction. To grow thin “once and forever”, it is necessary to change the relation to meal cardinally. And for this purpose it is necessary to choose for yourself such diet which, on the one hand, will allow you not to get excess weight, and with another side, will not cause in you constant feeling of hunger and brutal appetite.

And still if appetite is raised, it is necessary to try to pacify it:

– More often, rinse mouth with water, it is desirable to be with mint taste;

– Chew a spoon of dry skim milk,

– Choose a point between a lip and a nose and with a middle finger some minutes press on it;

– Execute in standing position of 10-15 deep breaths, it is desirable in the open air;

– Try not to use the products raising appetite (alcohol, salt food and sweet-sour dishes);

– Necessarily before meal try to use a liquid, is better the natural juice diluted with cooled boiled water or mineral water;

– The apple or a glass of low-fat kefir will reduce appetite.

Try to adhere to simple recommendations, which will help to bridle your appetite:

– Always adhere to a rule «a breakfast eat yourself, a dinner eat with the friend, and a supper give to the enemy»;

– Try to take a cool shower with the subsequent grinding by a rigid towel in the morning;

– Make for yourself an approximate diet per day, it is desirable that it did not exceed 1000 Cal; it is necessary to include enough of carbohydrates of a phytogenesis in a diet;

– 2-3 times a week include in a diet fish dishes;

– Devote food intake on 5-6 times during the day;

– I recommend limiting the coffee use as it slows down a metabolism and raises appetite;

– For a supper it is possible to eat a slice of the boiled fast meat, amino acids containing in it during a dream make active the hormones burning fat;

– Do not use a dish in which sugar is combined with fats (cakes, pies and other);

– Try to use vegetable salads with addition in them bean that will promote fast saturation of an organism and digestion improvement;

– Prefer the use of transparent meatless soups.

– Try to fill salads vegetative fat if it is difficult to refuse sour cream fill salads with kefir;

– Try to do walk after meal, instead of before the food use;

– Use vitamin C enough, crude, stewed vegetables (not less than 300 gram a day).

I hope that my councils will help you to get a self-trust and to overcome excessive appetite.

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