It seems to you that you carry out unconditionally all councils of the dietician, which concern section excess weight removal. But the weight for some reason remains at the same place. The basic error is absence of system of food intake. Some consider that a fractional food will not promote saturation and removal of feeling of hunger. It is better to use food 2-3 times a day in significant amounts. And after all it just is not correctly. Daily total caloric content eaten for 3 times will equal to the same quantity of food which you will eat for 5 times, but loading on a stomach and all gastro enteric path will be much more at 3 times of eating, and accordingly and removal superfluous kg several times to be slowed down.

The most optimum break between food intakes is no more than 5 hours. If you do not break the given intervals in a week the organism will understand that receives food regularly and without delays so, there is no necessity to postpone it in the form of fatty stocks for the critical period.
Well and now about food which we should use 5 times a day. It can be various foods, not than not different from that we have got used to eat every day. Here only portions we have put a maximum on 3 parts earlier, and now the food should be divided into 5 parts. For 5 hours the organism only will have time to digest the received food. Our appetite forces us to eat much more food, than it is necessary for us.

Adiposity preventive maintenance, as well as preventive maintenance of any other disease, should be under construction on exact knowledge of the reasons and mechanisms of its development. Thereupon the ideas recommending as bases of preventive maintenance intensive physical activities, low caloric content of a food and extremely rigid restriction of carbohydrates, it is necessary to recognize become outdated. First, observe them units, and secondly can only, thanks to scientific achievements of last time other ways of preventive maintenance, as more comprehensible in respect of long and mass reproducibility, and more effective can be offered.

It is a question of the phenomenon opened recently which essence consists in the following. At a low share of fat in a food the weight of a body remains stable even if consumption of carbohydrates, is not limited. In preventive work it is necessary to aspire to limit fat consumption so, how much it is possible at preservation of satisfactory quality of a life. To reduce fat consumption, the person should represent approximately at least its quantity in those or other products.

As to an impellent mode, here is again probability of development of adiposity inversely proportional to physical activities on a human body. Therefore you should support at yourselves consciousness of value of physical activities, support in yourselves desire them to execute. Though, of course, it is necessary to consult on the doctor, for example, concerning definition of principles of dispensing of loadings, optimum modes of trainings and impellent modes for the prevention of development of adiposity.

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