Why at growing thin the power consumption can be slowed down?
The organism requires constant inflow of energy. Breath, heart reductions, maintenance of muscular tone, cell fission, body temperature maintenance, the muscular job, all these processes are for the realization demand energy. Energy sources at organism are two – external, it is our food, and internal – stocks of fat and very small stocks of carbohydrates.
When on purpose to grow thin we are strong-willed effort, we reduce meal, we as though induce (or we force) organism to scoop energy from stocks. And so, if for any reasons (and these reasons weight) our organism can’t (or doesn’t wish) to take from stocks QUANTITY of ENERGY NECESSARY for IT, and we persist and we continue to keep to the diet, here is only one exit – to take and reduce power consumption. It also resorts to this exit. But, as a rule, before the organism submits to us signals of the hunger meaning that energy at it isn’t enough and it can’t get of. Hunger is obligatory harbinger of decrease in power consumption.
The organism in the metabolism submits to daily biorhythm. In first half of day we easily take energy from stocks whereas in the second we try on the contrary, these stocks to fill up. Compare the appetite in the morning and in the evening. To be sated much is more difficult in the evening. This difference in metabolism daily allowances of fluctuation of activity of hormones speaks. In first half of day, approximately till dinner, at us activity of adrenaline promoting fat splitting prevails. In the evening insulin, which promotes fat accumulation, on the contrary, is more active. Hence, in the morning and in the afternoon it is much easier to organism to take energy from stocks, than in the evening. And if for reasons of diet we refuse meal in the evening or we will try to reduce it to minimum, we risk calling power consumption decrease.
Daily biorhythm of food and fat splitting are not unique from the known. At women it is observed also monthly biorhythm of power consumption. Its sense that in the first phase of cycle the organism of the woman takes energy from stocks, than in the second is much easier. In the second phase energy collects is better. Accordingly the same diet, which in first half of cycle was perceived quite comfortably, in the second phase of cycle can call hunger and power consumption decrease.
The organism takes great bulk of energy from fats and carbohydrates. But value of these nutrients in exchange differs a little. Carbohydrates approach for direct extraction of energy whereas fats are optimum for accumulation is better. To take energy from fats with other things being equal to organism it is more difficult, than from carbohydrates. And if in diet fats the organism will switch on economy effort, than at prevalence in food of carbohydrates more likely prevail.

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