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I told you back in a previous article that if you wanted to know how to lose weight quickly, that the best thing you could do was to improve your cardio. This is because when you improve your cardio, not only do you have better wind, a healthier heart and lungs, etc, but you lose more weight. Check out Phen375 review.

This is because workouts that improve your cardio, when done the “right” way burn a ton of calories. And when you burn a ton of calories, you lose weight, and lose it quick.

However, I also told you that long, slow, boring cardio wasn’t the best way to train. Rather, I talked about how circuit training is a great cardio workout, but I know some of y’all might not be convinced yet.

So let’s look at why it is.

First of all, circuit training – again, as long as it’s done correctly – which includes:

-the right kinds of exercises

-everything done in the right order

-the right amount of weight being used (for the sets/reps)

-the right kinds of “active rest” (stuff that keeps you working while you’re “resting”)

and more…

This kind of training is tons better than normal “cardio”.

It’s better than longer, slower, “distance” cardio (jogging, riding a stationary bike, etc), because it’s so much more intense.

You’re going to burn many more calories during a workout that’s the same length (i.e. – you’ll burn more calories during a 30-minute circuit training workout than you will a 30-minute cardio workout).

And because the workout *is* more intense, your metabolism is gonna stay “revved up” and you’ll continue to burn calories long after the workout is over, too…it’s like getting twice the bang for your buck! This is something long, boring cardio doesn’t do.

Circuit training also has a ton of other awesome benefits “cardio” doesn’t:

-it won’t burn out the nervous system like hardcore interval training (sometimes also called “HIIT”) will have a tendency to do

-no repetitive or overuse injuries, shock, or trauma to the joints like distance cardio can cause

-just as effective on the upper body as it is the lower body (how many cardio workouts work the muscles of the upper body?)

-builds muscle (which takes more calories to sustain when you’re not working out…you’re burning calories and losing weight even when you’re not doing anything!)

Should I keep going? Because I can…for a long time. But this all should give you the idea – if you’re interested in how to lose weight quickly, then circuit training is the best thing you could possibly be doing. Get a ton of benefits and results for not much time.

How would you like to learn more about circuit training and other great tips on how to lose weight quickly?

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