Every person who wants to live long life without illnesses should understand that health will not come itself, nobody will present it, but for it is necessary to do some efforts.  Discover the truth about Meratol.

The major role in health conservation is taken away by high-grade and balanced eating.

The balanced diet on 60 % should consist of crude vegetables and fruit. Other products like groats, eggs, meat… – 2-3 times a week because meat causes a slackness of an intestine and by that promotes a contamination of organism toxicants; stresses nervous system, causing vascular diseases. Eggs also should be moderately consumed since they give the raised maintenance of cholesterol in a blood thereby cause diseases of vessels while the crude vegetative nutrition provides our organism with vitamins, mineral substances, and high potential of energy, necessary for maintenance of the biochemical processes continuously proceeding in each cell.

If the person eats, in general, boiled nutrition with the lowered calorie value, function of cells is broken and is slow down.

One more argument is that the diet consisting of crude vegetables and fruit is first of all abstersive, causes in an organism the alkaline reaction helping to lower acidity.

Knowingly there is a proverb: “the Person by 40 years can become a good doctor for yourself”. And it is valid, if by that age he yet hasn’t understood how he needs to eat, it means that already in the near future it can lead to serious illnesses.

One more demand of a rational diet is that it is necessary to eat high-quality nutrition and in a certain order.

It is essential to begin meal always with “live” nutrition, i.e. salads, vegetables. Then to eat something boiled, for example, porridge from groats.

If your organism abounds with energy begin any meal with fruit and consume them more than vegetables.

And if you feel slackness, depression, a breakdown pass to vegetables, buckwheat cereal, meat and eggs (under the scheme specified above).

From fresh vegetables it is necessary to prepare salads with vegetable oil (olive, soya, linen, sunflower).

Transition to a healthy food needs to be carried out gradually. It is impossible to eat one day fruit or vegetable salads, and other day – meat and pies. Any organism doesn’t suffer sharp jumps.

It is very important to organize rational eating of the person since the childhood. Children who eat crude carrots much, cabbage, fruit, becoming adults, as a rule, don’t aspire to tonics – coffee, to tobacco, alcohol as the charge of energy received for the account of a high-grade food in the childhood won’t demand at mature age of artificial originators.

Also in eutrophy the important place is taken away by compatibility of products. Meat, fish, a bird are well combined with green vegetables and it is very bad combined with grain, bean, cheese, eggs, nuts, milk, a potato, bread, groats, butter, sour cream, vegetable oil, fruit, tomatoes.

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