There are some questions which are often set to experts in the field of fitness.
Many clients of fitness clubs assiduously or not so but all the same aspire to reach objects in view. But, probably, in the human nature is put the desire to choose the convenient and easy path conducting to the purpose. And it can appear not only the longest but also not so true.

There are fans of aerobics who do not come into an exercise room or look to walk there on one two training apparatus known by them. And on the contrary the fans of an exercise room very often neglect with aerobics. Both those and others prefer a favourite kind of loading which is more habitual and can be easier. But all of them either do not know or forget that the success recipe consists of a competent combination of aerobic and anaerobic loadings.
We recommend to make professionally competent individual program of employment. Then the path to the purpose will be not so long but true.

Question: “I have started to go to an exercise room, muscles began to grow instantly, especially a forward surface of a hip and the volume of hips does not decrease in any way. Maybe it is necessary to refuse from employment?”

The answer: The similar result gives independent and nonprofessional training or single employment when weak muscles have started to come to a tone and the grease layer over them has not had time to “burn down”. The visual effect makes impression of increase in muscular weight. The matter is that muscles is the live biosystem requiring a food. They actively “consume” calories even in a condition of physical rest when you for example watch TV or sleep. Addition of superfluous kg of muscles responds automatic acceleration of exchange processes.

Thus, power loadings will necessarily accelerate your metabolism and together with it and fat burning. For 30 minutes of anaerobic loadings on training apparatus you burn more calories than usually. And it happens not only during training but also after it.
Question: “I almost eat nothing and I do not grow thin, why? “

The answer: The true as always lies on the middle. The diet needs to be balanced. If you sharply reduce quantity of consumed calories the organism includes “an emergency” mode and keeps a fatty cage with even big diligence. The economical mode of expenditure of energy and a metabolism also joins “falls asleep”.

Weight loss occurs at the expense of muscles. When the diet comes to an end, the lost kgs come back at the expense of fat. As a result of a parity of muscular and fatty weight after each thoughtless starvation it is displaced towards increase in last.

Eat more often but small portions. Having rummaged in food intake more than at 5 o’clock promotes development of insulin, a hormone which is slowing down a metabolism.

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