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If you want to know which muscle group in the whole body you could train to obtain the greatest results in the shortest period of time, each specialist will tell you that it is “the core.” Strengthening the core can give enormous results to everyone heedless of his or her fitness level and can do that quiet quickly.

So what the core is?

The core consists of all the muscles in the lower back and abdominal areas. This comprises all the ab muscles (transverse abdominus, external and internal obliques, rectus abdominus and intercostals) and also the muscles connected to the spine, as well as the hip flexors.

These muscles harmoniously work in order to give stabilization for the entire body and to move power from the legs to the upper body and backwards. Besides the core muscles function is to keep your interiors in their proper places!

Why do we need to strengthen the core?
Weak core muscles lead to various kinds of health problems, the most usual of which is lower back pain. It helps to get the proper posture.

So why do we need to make the core stronger? It is also very important if you want to flatten your stomach

Workouts that train the lower back and the abdominals are the examples of core training. The most usual ab training workout is the standard crunch.
But there is a special and efficient exercise that throws the basic crunch right out of the water. The equipment needed for this routine – is a rolled-up towel.

The workout is also called the Ab Sit-Up. It is performed with a help of sit-up-like motions
but targets directly the abs rather than the hip flexors that basic sit-up does. Besides it is really safe for the lower back. Another benefit it has over the basic crunch is that it is focused on the stretched range of movement of the abdominal muscles, which is completely missed in basic floor crunch.

How To perform It:

Lie your back down on the flat surface. Roll up a mat or a towel and put it under your lower back. The size of the towel influences the body position during this motion – use a rather big towel.

Bend your knees and make a 90 degrees angel. Put both feet close together and knees rather wide apart. This averts the hip flexors from getting a direct line of pull and helps to belittle their involvement.

It is really necessary not to anchor your feet and do not ask anyone hold them. This will immediately involve the hip flexors.

The difficulty of this workout depends on the position of your hands. The most difficult position is when your hands are placed above the head at arms-length, then near the head, then crossed at the chest, end the easiest one, when placed down between your legs. It is advisable to start with the easiest one and only then proceed to the more difficult ones as you get stronger.

Get into control with your “abdominal part”. Read more about abs workout.

Only helpful abs workout info will help you in taking the proper care of it and getting nice effect from abs workout.

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