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According to clinical trials for the last 50 years our food choices have been wildly ‘out of true’ to our body’s real nutritional requirements instead choosing to opt for high fat diets which are not in sync with our body’s daily requirements.

However this can immediately be modified by attempting a Truer Food diet…

One: Incorporate local grown food into your meals

Uncooked foods can lose 10%-50% of their less stable nutrients within a few weeks of being farmed, so the more time it takes for these local foods take to access your body, the smaller the amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body will acquire. Instead try to aim to eat freshly farmed foods from your local area every day.

Two: Keep your diet varied

The broader the variety of foods you incorporate in your nutritional intake, the greater the chance you will ingest all your essential nutrients. That is why it is important that you avoid the danger of trying to eliminate food types from your meals in order to promote weight loss and instead arrange to experience a strong harmony of all food groups. If you find it difficult to remove fatty foods from your diet, weight loss pills such as Phen375 can help to reduce
your fat intake and reduce your food cravings.

Three: Eat whole foods

Processed foods are an accurate model of where fibres, enzymes and important micronutrients have been removed from foods and have alternatively been compensated for with fillers, synthetic chemicals, excess fat and salt. By eating whole foods, you can insure that you ingest the essential nutrients your body needs to keep your metabolism working hard and enhance your weight loss.

Four: Stock up your pantry

It is true that ensuring that your kitchen full of fresh food can minimize the attraction to dine out or indulge in a chinese. Rather you can cook from fresh and benefit from incredible sources of fibre, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, minerals and much more.

Lead a healthier lifestyle today…

It cannot be overlooked that leading a healthier lifestyle can encourage increased weight loss. With the support of such weight loss supplements as Proactol, you can insure that your body acquires a strong balance of all your major food groups; keeps fat at bay and more importantly help you to stay in control of your weight loss goals.

Update: Proactol is changed its name in Proactol Plus.

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