I want to propose some very interesting diet for those people who simply can not live without sweets but really want to lose some excessive weight.

As you probably already know crave for sweet will ruin any intentions to lose weight. But everything is not so bad, because you can eat some sweets without any harm to your figure and still lose some weight and it won’t be bad for your diet, either.

So that is what you should actually do:

Try to add in tea honey, instead of sugar. The quantity of calories at them is approximately identical. But thus honey contains magnesium, manganese and the iron that is extremely useful for an organism. And this is as you know well-known method to prevent colds and it is also very tasty and useful product.

Also I would advise you to replace cookies and sweets with not less tasty dried fruits. They contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and as a whole, of course, they contain fewer calories than sweets. Also the concentration of microcells that contains in dried fruits is higher in comparison with fresh fruits in several times.

However, you have to also remember that it is not very favorable to eat dried fruits in large quantities, so you will have to limit the consumption of it, for example, to dry apricots or few figs a day and not more.

Or you can also consume fruit candy, but gain only in small quantities. In comparison with other sweets it is also a low-calorie product. Fruit candy helps in normalization stomach system as it contains pectin. Besides, it reduces cholesterol level in blood, deduces toxins and free radicals from an organism. Fruit candy contains gelatin.

Naturally it is not the most low-calorie product. In 100 grams it actually contains about 300 kcal, but it is less, than in cakes. It also contains glucose which improves immune system, and also it contains fibers, iron and the phosphorus necessary for a muscular fabric.

It is not necessary for you to refuse from sweets, but you can easily replace habitual chocolates and cookies with these products that are not only taste good and can make you feel good, but they can also keep your body in shape and do not do not let you gain some excessive weight, but only if you would eat it in small quantities.

So now you know of how to keep your body in good shape and don’t feel any temptation to eat something sweet, because you can actually easily substitute any sweets with that much delicious, but also very nutritious dried fruit, fresh fruits, fruit candies and also honey. So don’t worry, but simply enjoy your diet and lose those unwanted and excessive kilograms.

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