Obesity is a very popular issue that is being discussed nowadays. Many people are struggling with excess weight and do not know how get into normal weight. Actually, it is a very serious issue and can cause health related problems. Are you experiencing some problems with your weight reduction? How do you think you will lose pounds quicker, easier without refusing from your favourite food? Well, spend a little time to read this article and get to know more about you should do in order to get successful results.

Why it is difficult to lose weight and burn fat?
Actually, it is not so difficult if you stick to this principle: You should plan before you start, make notes of everything you do and stay fully consistent!

• If you plan before you start, you will set a clear goal in your mind before you start your undertaking of reducing excess weight. This will help you stay focused and determined on the challenge at hand.

• If you make notes of what you consume, how much exercise you are doing, how much glasses of water you drink, etc., this should be your responsibility. Keeping yourself responsible is a great way of not losing motivation when you have nobody to push you (coach, teacher etc.).

• If you are 100% consistent, it is the only way to get also consistent results. If you start and stop your diet regimes very often, then it will be very difficult and long to attain your goals.

I have tried many diets and nothing was effective.
Well, have you ever been on a fad diet? (low calorie, starvation, low fat and low carb)? If you have followed these kinds of diet programs, then it is the answer why you have many problems with reducing weight and keeping your normal weight also.

Why it happens? Well, it depends upon the fact that fad diets are commonly based on unnatural dieting principles such as strict reducing of calories or limiting useful nutrients and vitamins. When you limit calories, vitamins and nutrients, this will slow down your metabolic rate and that will lead to your body storing fat and gaining excess weight.

Well, what is the most effective way to ensure I will lose weight faster?
The most effective way to achieve faster and permanent results is to boost your metabolism and you can do this only with the help of proper nutrition.

You see, if you boost your metabolism in an absolute natural way…food, you inner fat burning mechanism will definitely evaluate to the maximum and stay that way.

There are many approaches that can help you to increase your metabolic rate. For instance, it is recommended to eat 6 – 8 small portions a day instead of 3 large ones. You can also add spices and diversify your meals. Also, it is suggested to drink 1 cup of green tea every day to help increasing your metabolic rate.

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