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The principal cause of excess weight is a sedentary life. In due time to burn calories it is necessary to move more actively! And if it is impossible it is possible to reduce quantity of consumed calories. In the theory all is simple …but in reality also if you use Phen375.

Don’t worry: employment on training apparatus and exhausting diets won’t be necessary. To dump excess weight and not to allow collecting to new kgs it is possible also at home and on the way to work, and even at office. If to follow simple rules it is easy to do:

1 Fall in love with ladders

Even if you in the house or on work have a lift, use it less often. Rise and furthermore go down on foot. In the underground and in shopping center on the escalator don’t stand on the right, and pass at the left side- at least 2-3 ten steps.

2 walk more

On the way to work leave transport on one stopping earlier and pass this distance on foot. The same do on the way back. You should know that in an hour of active walking you burn as much calories as you worked two hours on training apparatus. And it is absolutely free.

By the way …

• 30 minutes of walking in day are a minimum for the person who is not going in for sports.

But that walking benefited, it is necessary to walk without serious bags and in convenient footwear. Watch a posture and breath.

• At playing sports at first to a course there is “fuel” – a glycogen, and only on 40th minute fatty adjournment start to burn. Therefore training less than hour there is no sense.

3 Wear the yellow color

Color experts assert that yellow color well influences digestive organs, helping to be released from harmful products of an exchange, edemas and excess weight. So fill up clothes with yellow things, and for a room where you spend your free time choose solar wall-paper.

4 Press the necessary points

The excess weight problem is bound to the raised appetite and the slowed down metabolism. To pacify hunger pressing a point between an upper lip and a nose will help. The sites blunting feeling of hunger are also behind eyeballs. To activate them it is possible if slightly to press the closed eyelids. Normalize a metabolism of a stroking and grinding of trestles – cartilaginous hillocks on ears, before acoustical passage.

5 don’t eat in a hurry or in front of TV

Remember: it is necessary to eat only at a table. If to do it between times, the nutrition is badly acquired and postponed in the form of fat. Is it necessary to you?

6 don’t eat up

Take a rule to leave in a plate last piece. Forget that you parents repeated to eat all to the last spoon. It was in the childhood when to your organism was required some energy for growth.

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