There are the set of books written about various methods of losing weight. Different methods of becoming thin are actively discussed at forums; interest to this issue does not weaken throughout many years. And as the new and new techniques occur the interest to this subject only increase. Many people wishing to lose some excessive weight fast and effective are sitting on these promising diets, and then disappointedly notice that this lost weight again has returned back really fast, and this diet did not work at all.

Actually similar diets usually work, after all the weight at first disappears. However, our organism after such sharp losses aspires to fill them back, moreover and to reserve a little just in case, after all sharp weight reduction is not natural way to lose weight and it adds a lot of additional stress to your organism, too.

For this reason weight loss result after these diets is returning back to a former level and sometimes even your weight can increase. So once you pass again to a habitual eating all your pounds are coming back to you. That is why if you want that lost weight has not returned back, it is necessary to lose weight properly.

It is important to understand that if you want to lose weight properly and did not gain it back, first of all, you will have to address for a consultation to the expert-dietitian. The dietitian will do a number of necessary researches about your state of health and your body constitution and after that can pick up for the person a proper diet to become thin and attractive. Also it is very important for you to do, because if you would choose any diet for yourself alone there is a chance that it can actually harm your health and you won’t see any positive for yourself results at all.

So, for those who have decided to lose weight properly and correctly, than the visit to the dietician will be the first step. The expert will make the individual program of food that you should consume; will define the right and healthy food products with which will be necessary for you to eat, and wrong, unhealthy products what are necessary for you to exclude from a diet or limit it.

Also diet assumes not only the use of right and healthy products. One of main principles of a healthy and balanced eating is divisibility what means to have your meal at least five times a day, instead of three as many people have got used to. Also you have to remember that if you want to lose weight you have to do a lot of work for it and be patient as your first successful weight loss results may be visible after one or even two weeks.

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