Today there are many weight loss methods, natural and commercial, being advertised. And due to this it is very difficult to choose the most effective and successful way to lose weight. I have been searching the best ways to lose weight for a long time now and can share the lazy guide to reduce weight fast – My best 7 tips!

#1 Eat only when you feel hungry!
This is one of the main approaches to reduce pounds without putting on much work. Try only to eat when you are really hungry and make sure it is not because of frustration, habit or boredom. This is one of the most effective ways to reduce weight without changing diets, physical workouts and foods.

#2 Small portions rule!
Get out large plates from your cupboard and break them! You should learn to use smaller plates and eat in smaller portions. This psychological fact will make you eat less as you will think that as your plate is full you have got enough food to fill you up.

#3 Tone Down Your Coffee
Everybody knows that Starbucks is a tasty coffee, by making some substitutions, such as honey instead of sugar and skimmed milk instead of whole milk will, over some time, help you to not gain additional weight.

#4 Have Fun With Physical Workouts
Everybody knows that regular physical workouts are very important in losing weight, but the fact is that not all the people like doing physical workouts. So what is suggested to do? Try to get fun from it! Try to do routine physical workouts together with a friend or a member of your family. For instance, you can dance, when cleaning the house. Make your physical workouts more pleasant, be creative and you will get incredible results. You will see it soon!

#5 Eat Your Food in a Slow Manner!
It is a usual habit to eat food very fast when we are hungry to satisfy our bodies. Many people used to eat so quickly that they hardly remember any of the eating experience. The cons of that that stomach gets filled so quickly that people feel that they still are hungry. Eating slowly will help digestion and allow your body to understand when you are full.

#6 Avoid White Foods!
White foods contain great amount of carbohydrates more than any other range of food. If you decided to reduce weight then white is not a good choice for you. All white rice, flour, sugar should be substituted with grain bread varieties and brown rice.

#7 Stop Eating Junk Food!
Do you remember the statement: “We are what we eat”? I think if you eat junk food, you do not want to become it. So, it is recommended to avoid all types of junk food.

If you came to the point when weight loss is an important issue – then you should learn how to lose weight fast.

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