The major reason a lot of us fail at losing weight is lack of self-discipline and willpower.

It is far easier to say I can’t, rather than I can. It is all too tempting to go for the biscuit jar instead of the fruit bowl, a lot of us will transfer all our blame onto our lifestyle and that we are too busy or we do not have the money to eat healthily.

Obviously this is just an excuse, it does not have to be a lengthy process or pricey to better our diets. Gyms on the other hand, can be over-priced although with a bit of hard work you will see considerable results and be a lot fitter and healthier for it, however, unless you are committed enough to go frequently, you are unlikely to benefit from it although you do not have to go to the gym to exercise.

Physical activity can be done in the privacy of your own home, for example; fitness DVDs, not only are they fun but also easy on the pocket. The bottom line is if you do not do any exercise you will not lose weight. And a modest amount of exercise once a month will not do, consistency is the answer.

Fizzy drinks and sweets, crisps, chocolate and cakes really are a bad idea for anybody wishing to achieve weight loss, if all you are eating between meals are these unhealthy foods then you are certain to put on the pounds. Do not be fooled into believing that one more won’t do any harm, as this will not be a one off incident it will probably soon turn into a pattern and before you realise it you have gained another kilo.

You need to break out of the rut you’re in and realise that in order to make a change you must live and eat in another way. For those of you who have tried extremely hard to diet and exercise and still have no luck, there are countless other suitable alternatives to gently help you on your way. One of which is the impressive slimming pill meratol.

A spicy Capsicum containing product, noted for its fat burning and appetite suppressing qualities, that efficiently allows the user to burn up to an amazing 278 calories a day.

The makers have cleverly devised a way that the Capsicum can be taken without causing irritation – an exclusive outer coating to ensure maximum absorbency of the product at no expense to the user.

Simply swallow one pill a day 30-60 minutes before physical activity for best results. You can lose between 1-2lbs a week when combined with a well balanced diet and some exercise.

Meratol has also more diet capabilities on top of fat burning that will also assist your weight-loss program. These include appetite suppressant and also carb binding, which will even prevent you putting additional pounds on, when you have your meals.

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