Last year leading pharmacies confessed that they didn’t think homepthaty could improve immune system. However, despite this discovery and continual studies which prove that homeopathy produces no more than placebo results, the NHS still spent over $7 million in the last 12 months developing homeopathic solutions.

Shocked by the NHS s and leading Pharmacies no harm attitude to homeopathy, more than three hundred protestors are now planning to partake in a mass homeopathic binge to help increase awareness about the fact that homeopathic remedies do not work.

During this demonstration which was set to take place on the 30th January 2010, all three hundred protestors should be publicly swallow a completebox of 60 homeopathic tablets to demonstrate that they are just sugar pills as well as encourage pharmacies to take them off their shelves.

What is Homeopathy?

Do homeophatic remedies act as appetite suppressants? Question consumers and they will describe homeopathy as an ‘organic herbal medicine’ the majority of the ingredients found within this complementary herbal medicine are so weak that there is nothing left to them.

Yet further research into the creation of homeopathy has found that it is not strictly an herbal medicine, but is, but that it is purely structured on 3 medical concepts produced in the 1800’s by S.Hahnemann. 3 theories which are still used in the offering of homeopathic medicine to this day:

The Law of Similars where whatever caused your symptoms will also cure them i.e. if you can’t sleep, use caffeine.

Second, the law of infinitesimals where the more diluted the remedy is from water, the more strong it will be;

Third, the law of succession where vigorous stirring of a homeopathic solution would enhance its concentration. As you see, homeopathy has nothing to do with herbal slimming pills.

Assessing this information, it is easily understandable why sceptics are calling upon the government to command the NIHCE to assess whether it is necessary for the NHS to fund homeopathy. Providing restricted if any positive results, all clinical studies have the same conclusion that they will not improve your immune system.

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