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Let Your Performance Explode With NiacinMax Strips!

Niacin is highly regarded for its potential to stimulate vasodilation and support lean muscles receive the nutrients and oxygen necessary to power up a rigorous training and increase muscle development and strength.

It has been an integral component in sports supplements for decades, and most bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts are informed what a brilliant support it could be. In spite of this, there is often so much talk about niacin’s potential to enhance vasodilation, its other muscle-improving abilities, such as improved Human Growth Hormone secretion, are usually disregarded.

NiacinMax strips take advantage of an innovative delivery method to supply your body with plenty of Niacin and help you transform your body faster.

Niacinmax StripsMain advantages

  • Increase oxygen supply to the muscles by up to 50%
  • Enhance red blood cell creation
  • Boost Human Growth Hormone by over 600%
  • Increase oxygen supply to the brain
  • Positive effects on focus and concentration
  • 75mg of pure niacin straight into your bloodstream

Niacin Max enhances oxygen transport by nearly 50% by intensifying your circulation of blood, increasing red blood cell count and safeguarding your tissue from oxidative deterioration, enabling you to work at your top physical and mental performance.

Oxygen is the main fuel that makes your body works as it should. Without enough oxygen your complete efficiency will suffer. On the other hand, get extra oxygen into your blood stream and you will boost your performance.

This natural product also boosts your natural HGH levels by over 600%, supporting your muscle development and helping you recover easier and faster from your workouts.

How Does NiacinMax Work?

NiacinMax is a strip that dissolves on your tongue, letting the niacin to be instantly passed through the mucosal tissue in your oral cavity and into your bloodstream within minutes. This also means that opposed to some supplements that can produce an irritable stomach these strips won’t trigger any kind of negative side effects.

NiacinMax uses liposomal encapsulation to preserve the niacin before the phase it is sent to your cells.

Liposomes are microscopic, double-layered bubbles that enclose the niacin, protecting it from damage and transferring it safely into your bloodstream.

In other words, the active ingredient is better preserved, better ingested, and more efficient.

Once in your blood flow, the liposomes bond with and deliver the niacin straight into your tissues. Liposomes are made from phospholipids, which is the exact same type of material that makes up the protecting membranes of each and every cell inside your body. Basically, liposomes are almost identical in structure to your cells.

The vast majority of tablets mainly provide 10-15% of their active ingredient into your blood stream. NiacinMax carries about 90% natural niacin straight into your blood flow, thereby making it 40-45 times more potent than any capsule.

Swift absorption has made this product the most bioavailable niacin supplement that you can buy.

Before you can get any effects from a classic dietary supplement, it has to travel through your gastrointestinal tract before it is assimilated into your blood stream and transported to your cells.

Regular vitamin supplements may take more than 3 or 4 hours to work their way throughout your gastrointestinal tract. NiacinMax avoids your digestive organs entirely and releases active substance straight to your cells within minutes.

How do I use NiacinMax strips?

Each citrus flavoured NiacinMax strip provides 75mg of niacin per use. Insert the strip under your tongue. It dissolves in minutes, discharging the niacin directly into your bloodstream.

Take 1 strip once per day, in the morning on an empty stomach. You will see the optimum results from NiacinMax if you train 3-5 hrs after using it – this is exactly when the delayed HGH releasing effects will begin to do its stuff.

Using these strips in the morning-time before you even eat breakfast suggests you will have dramatically reduced amounts of fatty acids in the bloodstream, so that you will get the maximum power of niacin’s HGH-releasing attributes when it’s time to train. Wait around 10 minutes after having NiacinMax strips before eating.

Boost HGH Levels

If you are exercising as a minimum 5 times per week, we suggest you to have an extra serving 3 hours before you go to sleep, to help you to get much more from potent HGH releasing effects.

Have consumers experienced some NiacinMax side effects?

Absolutely no, consumers have not noted any negative reactions with this solution as of yet. But, if you have used niacin before, you should already be familiar with the ‘Niacin Flush’1. And you’ll probably be pleased to know that the NiacinMax flush is less intensive when compared with those you have experienced with any other similar supplement.

The flush will last just a few minutes, as reported by the internet site, and will become less intense with every new use.

Niacin is a vasodilator and it enlarges all the blood vessels inside your body. This allows more blood to circulate through them, carrying more minerals, oxygen and human hormones to your body tissues.

This supplement maxes out your consumption of vitamin B3. Innovative branded distribution technology shields and boosts active ingredients for maximum use.

Combine this with a really good 67 day guarantee, and this product looks like a winner for anyone serious about having greater rewards at the gym.

Improve Your Performance

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