By data statisticans the main reason that more than half of clients of fitness clubs stop the employment, is absence of result. And it is valid after the period fast and enough easy successes, suddenly come the moment when process goes, and achievements are at a stop. Neither the increase in loadings nor introduction in the schedule of additional trainings are not in forces to affect a situation. In addition, there is a sensation of constant weariness and apathy. «Apparently fitness is not for me» – disappointedly thinks the person and with grief leaves club.

And it is a pity, it is not necessary so quickly to capitulate to the arisen difficulties, as all of them are not forever. This period of failures and disappointments is only «test for durability» from which each of us can easily come out the winner. For this purpose it is necessary to know only that occurs to us during this period and in due time to react to those signals which are sent to us by our body. And then the period of physical perfection last still very long, and process will bring only pleasure.

The success in perfection of the physical form depends on that, how much effectively we will manage to realise main principles of fitness: training, a food and restoration.

Practice shows that, as a rule, enough attention is given only to trainings and a food, and rest and restoration process is neglected.
This omission is quite clear and explainable. In an everyday life the basic part of our time and forces is given to work, study, education of children and household chores. What if to still add regular trainings in fitness club? And after all all basic processes in your organism occur outside of an exercise room. Our muscles become stronger and grow during the training when the adaptation mechanism and when we have passively a rest joins only – we give the chance to an organism to direct energy on “repair work” and on «strengthening of fighting positions».

It concerns and process of losind of weight. The main task of the training aimed at weight reduction of a body is to adjust an organism on energy reception in a usual everyday life from fats and to accelerate exchange processes. But, in a condition of overfatigue speed a metabolism is automatically slowed down, also efficiency of training inevitably decreases, and even at all comes to naught.

If after high-intensity training we continue to spend actively the forces, we sleep insufficiently, moreover we stay in a condition of a constant nervous tension repeatedly we raise risk to run into a stress condition. And then already it is not necessary to tell about any muscular growth – to save that was. Moreover, it leads first of all to loss of muscular weight as it consumes the considerable quantity of energy, and in the conditions of the come power deficiency becomes for an organism “economically unprofitable”.

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