Let us talk in this article about principles of a healthy food, principles of a healthy way of life and healthy and balanced eating as the best methods to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Our health approximately on 90 per cents depends on heredity and a way we live, and only on 10 per cents from medicine. It mans that those food we eat have great effect upon our organism that is why it is very important to limit all the fast and junk food from your eating ration.

Ecological conditions in whole world, unfortunately, only worsen, therefore a healthy way of life is not the fashionable tendency, but it is a necessity.

One of main principles of a healthy way of life is to follow healthy and balanced eating. With its help you reduce the risk of development all kinds of different diseases, including illnesses of cardiovascular system.

That is why I would like to propose you some simple healthy eating tips to make your diet as healthy and nutritious as possible:

First of all it is better for you to add the product rich fiber, like for example: vegetables, fruit, porridges, bread from bran.

Also I would advise you to eat at least two times a week, and meat, but only in small portions and don’t forget to removing from it fat before the preparation.

If there are no any contra-indications it would be very useful for you to drink more waters, at least eight glases of plain water a day.

Try to limit the use of “harmful” carbons like bread from white flour and sweets.

Fat meat and fat sorts of cheese also try to eat as seldom as possible.

Do not put too much salt in food. Throughout many years the need for salt considerably decreases, you have to know that salt already contains in many products and especially in half-finished products.

Try to eat fewer sausages, a ham, canned food, because all these preservatives that contain in them are not very good to your organism.

It is desirable to drink no more than three cups of coffee in day.

I would highly recommend you not to eat for the night; last food intake should be not later than two hours before you go to bad.

And also try to lose weight within physiological norm. And do not follow any harsh diets and especially starving, because it can really harm your organism. That is why it is better for you to calculate for yourself set of various formulas of an index of weight of the body to define how many calories you will have to consume a day and follow it within your healthy and balanced diet.

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