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Summary Of Report by the TNO Institute (Netherlands) On Fat Binding Capacity of a Patented Fibre Complex Of Proactol The TNO-report is based on a gastrointestinal model simulating very closely the dynamic processes in the gastrointestinal tract such as the pH curves and concentrations of pro-enzymes in the stomach and small intestine, concentration of bile salts in the different parts of the gut, and the kinetics of passage of chime through the stomach and intestine.

This model was developed to study the digestibility and availability for absorption of nutrients as well as the stability of specific ingredients. Validation experiments with various types of food products showed the reproducibility and reliability of the results for the digestibility and the absorption of nutrients in comparison to in vivo experiments1. Specific absorption systems have been developed for this model to study the absorption of fat digestion products and fat–soluble nutrients such as fat-soluble vitamins.

Aim of this study was to determine the fat binding capacity of a patented fibre complex from Proactol during passage through a dynamic, computer-controlled model of the stomach and small intestine.

Test products and diet:

Two grams of the test product patented fibre complex of Proactol was added to a standardised meal. The meal consisted of 20 grams of sunflower oil, homogenised with 144 g of skimmed yoghurt by gently stirring during 2 minutes. The mixture of patented fibre complex from Proactol and standardised meal was fed quantitatively to the model.


The experiments showed that two grams of patented fibre complex from Proactol prevented the absorption of 2.7 grams of fatty acids during the four hours of experiment in the gastrointestinal model. Furthermore it was proved that the fat binding to the patented fibre complex of Proactol is not selective for specific fatty acids, but in regard to the percentage similar for each individual fatty acid (72 ± 7%).


Patented fibre complex of Proactol is able to bind to fat and thus prevent the absorption of approximately 28.3% in the gastrointestinal tract. Since the described model
simulates very closely the dynamic digestive processes, it can be expected that the product will reach similar results in vivo as shown in the in vitro experiments.

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